NYS Budget

Find below some 2019 NYS budget proposals*

  • Create/establish NYS licensing standards for student loan servicers; an estimated 28 million borrowers live in New York and are serviced by 30 student loan companies.
  • Create/establish through the For-Profit College Accountability Act oversight of for-profit schools
  • Mandatory regular reporting to the state on funding sources. Limit school funding to 80 percent of its funding from taxpayers, currently ED caps schools’ taxpayer funding at 90 percent.
  • Mandatory regular reporting to the state on expenditures. Each school would be required to spend at least 50 percent of its budget on instruction and learning.
  • Mandatory reporting on salaries and bonuses for school presidents and senior leadership.
  • A prohibition on school leaders serving on boards for accreditation agencies to which they apply.

*from to the 2019 NYS ‘budget book’


Survey of Alumni of For-Profit Career Colleges

Career Education Colleges and Universities on Tuesday released results from a survey the for-profit college trade group conducted with Gallup, the polling organization, of the alumni satisfaction of 3,203 graduates of nine of CECU’s member campuses. The sample sought to be a cross section of the size, region and sector reflected across the group’s roughly 500 member campuses.

The survey found that respondents on average earned about 60 percent more in personal income than they did before attending college. CECU member institution alumni also are more likely to have a job related to their certificate or degree program than their peers from a national comparative sample, according to the survey. Respondents also were more likely to have a full-time job than their peers, and to be employed within six months of graduation.