Treking The Capital in the Snow

Hello from Snowy Albany

On Monday your Executive Council met from 8:30 – 4:30 discussing numerous things. Do you want to know exactly what? Then listen to the upcoming Podcast. We invited you all to join us. WE MEANT IT!! We had one special guest come – Kerry Cooper – NYSFAAA Past Past President. Thank you Kerry.

After the EC meeting your investment meeting spent another hour reviewing the finances. Looking okay.

Today we all went to the Capital, as is our annual trek, for Advocacy Day. It is something we prepare for months ahead. With the help of the Government Relations Committee, as Edited by Executive Council we went prepared with our 2019 talking points. You will find it attached to this communication and I hope you share it with your Assemblymen and Senators whom you can visit in their home offices. Share it with your College Presidents and Government Relations folks. Get the word out there.

These are the things that NYSFAAA is asking for to be included in the Governor’s upcoming budget and future legislation.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at or Chris Barto, Chair of the Government Relations Committee at

The Government relations Committee is one of several committees you can join. NYSFAAA is all about YOU and the work you do for our students and communities. We are always looking for new and more people to pitch in and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Today we made a difference – so can you.

Special thanks to Donna Gurnett of the APC for being instrumental in organizing today’s activities and getting us a private room to hang in (with refreshments)!

Others that joined me in meeting with the lawmakers today, in addition to the above, were

Darrin Rooker – Immediate Past President Adrienne King – First Vice President Patti Donahue – Region III Rep Randi Moore – Region IV Rep Evan. K. Udowitch – Representing Region VII Clem LaPietra – Government Relations Committee

A special shout out to Lisa Simpson who just knows how to organize us.

We all met for breakfast at 99 Washington Ave – trucked off and tackled the lawmakers. It wasn’t snowing when we started but sure enough it was when we finished. It was fun times and we know we did it for the right reasons. Want to know more? – listen to the upcoming Podcast.


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