February 8 – 10, 2004

Albany, New York





Council approved the appointment of Carolyn Corcoran, formerly Region 8 Council representative, to new position as Secretary of Executive Council.


Motion:  Approval of December 2003 meeting minutes: John Smith/Mike McGraw. Unanimous approval.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Mike McGraw, Treasurer

Budget was distributed to all members.  “We’re in very, very good shape”.  Most of CAAN and Counselor Workshop bills are paid.  Investments beginning to show recovery.   All regions should’ve received their revenue sharing based on 12/31/03 membership.

Motion: To approve report; Kerrie Cooper/Kevin Ryan.  No discussion.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Kerrie Cooper, VP Membership

We’re up to 996 members.  All regions but one are down in membership.  Region 5 is down the most.  Region 4 is only region up in membership (probably due to Conference).  Kerrie sent  ATAC representative a copy of membership database at end of January. ATAC currently can only handle maintaining one region per member but  they’re working on trying to accommodate handling more than one region per member. All regional chairs were sent updated member lists and labels at end of  January 2004.  A short discussion ensued. Anne is working with Paula of ATAC and Vince Scalise to be sure that committee reports are being picked up by ATAC.  Anne will let Council know when the new website will go live.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Mike Pede, VP for Professional Development

Mike had nothing formal to report but did inform us that he’s been contacted by Peg Eamon, President of NYSOBA, who  indicated they’re interested in doing joint training..  Anne wants to offer spring training for free to the membership.  HESC is offering communication workshop.  Mike hasn’t heard back from CSS concerning Needs Analysis workshop; he’s contacted them twice with no reply.



The Steering Committee is meeting on Wednesday, Feb.11th.  The Program Committee is on track; all major speakers are done.  There is still a form on the website for session ideas.  Anne has requested a poll of venders be conducted to get vendor feeling on the space in the hotel as she’s been contacted by vendors about using the Convention Center vs. just the hotel.  Nancy VanZetta, Vendor Committee Chair, will conduct the polling .



2005 CONFERENCE UPDATE:  Gail Drapala

The conference theme will be “NYSFAAA lights the way to education” and they’ll use a lighthouse logo.  The Program Committee has begun to meet and they’re hoping to have a meeting in April.


2006 CONFERENCE UPDATE:  Both Region 8 and Region 6 indicated that they’re working  on a conference proposal. 


REGIONAL REPORTS:  submitted by each region.  Greg Stevenson from Region 6 shared with us the planning on the Tri-Regional Conference that will take place on May 21st.  Also, Region 6 has 2 volunteers interested in helping out as NYSFAAA historian.


OPEN DISCUSSION: Mike Williams shared that HESC has kindly agreed to post cancellations of NYSFAAA events (like regional meetings that need to be cancelled due to weather)  through use of their 1-888-NYS-HESC toll-free number.  Idea surfaced in Region 1.  Mike explained that Regional Chairs will be allowed some type of access whereby they’ll be able to call into the HESC number and post the information about a cancelled event.


HESC UPDATE:  Bob Butler, Sr. VP for Corporate Operations and Chief Operating Office, Geoffrey Flynn, VP for Financial Aid Services, Jim Hanley, Coordinator of Training.  Bob began by talking about HESC’s reorganization.  They’ve changed from organizing around products to organizing around functions.  They were hoping to have an organizational chart, of at least higher-level management, to us by end of day.  Discussion ensued on CUNY ETA issue, possibility of assigning a “ticket number” to a case (similar to what the HELP Desk does) and suggestions for screen improvements.


GOVERNMENT RELATIONS PREPARATION FOR LEGISLATIVE VISITS:  Beth Post.  Beth passed out materials that we’ll be handing to our respective legislators, including NYSFAAA position paper on Governor’s TAP Proposal as well as EOP/HEOP cuts, NYSFAAA Viewbook and pens.  We discussed important points to cover.



EASFAA – no meeting since last EC meeting.  Officer elections going on now.


Novice Training – Contract has been reviewed by our attorney and the final contract is to be signed.


College Goal Sunday – this would fall under a CAAN activity.  EASFAA participates.  This would give us national exposure.  CGS pays all costs.  It’s basically a forms completion workshop event.  Anne has asked the CAAN committee to look into NYSFAAA participating in this.


Legislative Training Session – held at end of January in Albany.  Earl Tretheway and Bill Mack presented and it went very well.  The consensus is we need to do it again.


Legislative Forum – Anne thought very worthwhile. Content on how to lobby and looking at education as a K-16 issue vs. K-12.


NASFAA Award Consideration – Bill Cavin will submit the Legislative Training for consideration for a NASFAA award.


NASFAA Leadership Training – Judy Miladin, Gail Drapala and Maria Barlaam will attend this year’s workshop on March 7-9.


Meeting Dates – the June 2004 meeting will be 3 days as Judy needs to meet with statewide committee representatives.  Anne raised the issue of having a March/April meeting this year but no one saw a  need for one.  Meeting dates for new year are normally set at the April meeting.  Anne and Judy will meet to pick meeting dates so as to get them on the calendar.  Judy will email EC members with dates for 0405 meetings.


Mileage Reimbursement Rate – Mike McGraw suggested setting our rate to automatically adjust for changes in the federal rate.  A motion was needed for this.

Motion:  That we adjust our rate, effective July 1, 2004, for federal change to 37.5.

John Smith/Kevin Ryan.  Starting January 1, 2005, we’ll change the rate to correspond with the federal rate.  Motion passed unanimously.


Council Shirts – Anne asked for Council’s approval to spend money to purchase matching shirts for Council members (done by Tom Dalton for the 1999 Conference).  Council approved ordering/purchase of shirts.







Short discussion on upcoming officer elections (see handout for dates).  We still have to mail ballots because the Constitution says they must be “mailed”.  Expected changes to the Constitution to remedy this cannot be voted on by whole membership until the October 2004 meeting.


CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION DISCUSSION:  The Constitution was reviewed and we came up with areas where changes need to be made to allow for electronic voting, among other things.  Anne will rewrite changes and email Council before the June meeting.  Proposals will be formalized by Council at June meeting and then sent out to membership in late August so that they can review them before the October 2004 meeting.





OPEN FORUM WITH HESC WAS HELD.  We met with Michael Wilton, Jr., President of HESC, Pierre Alric, Executive Vice President of HESC, Victor Stucchi, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer and Tom Dalton, Senior Vice President for Customer Relations.  A lengthy discussion was held on HESC’s reorganization and goals for the future.


Motion:  To adjourn

Kevin Ryan/John Smith