JUNE 16-18, 2004




Present:  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Anne Barton, Kerrie Cooper, Carolyn Corcoran, Gail Drapala, Claire Jacobi, Mike McGraw, Judi Miladin, Mike Pede, John Smith, Earl Tretheway, Samantha Veeder, Mike Williams


Absent:  Kevin Ryan


Guests:  Bill Cheetham, Laura Dominy, Johanna Kelly, Brian Levy, MaryEllen Nugent, Nancy Pawluk, Karen Price-Scott, Lisa Simpson, Beth Turner



Motion:  Approval of February 2004 meeting minutes




Treasurer’s Report


Mike McGraw reported that we’re in good shape and he passed out the Audit for year ending June 2003.  This is the first audit in which there were no findings and Mike expressed his gratitude to regional treasurers for this.  The mileage reimbursement change is effective for July 1, 2004 from .30/mile to .375/mile (voted at 2/2004 meeting).  Mike passed out new version of Expense Report.


Membership Report


Kerrie Cooper reported that we’re at 1031 members which is down 105 from last year.  Region 5 has largest drop; all but Region 4 are down.  Discussion took place on Region 7’s membership concerns and how the timing of the new website will affect membership reapplications.


Motion: Approval to destroy 2002-2003 paper membership applications.



Additional discussion on new wesite’s timing related to membership application issues.


Motion:  If new website is not up by 7/1/04, then we mail paper applications to members.  There was no second of this motion so the motion was rescinded by Miladin.


Motion:  That an email be sent to all members clarifying how the 0405 membership registration/application will work in conjunction with new website going live.





Motion:  To pay June revenue sharing checks




Training Report


Mide Pede reported that fall EASFAA Training will be held the first morning of the conference at the connecting hotel in Rochester.  This is one of four sites around the state.  Topics include general loan issues and the cost is $25 for EASFAA members and $75 for nonmembers.  Registration can be done via EASFAA website.  Mike also indicated that there is intermediate training tentatively being planned for early August on Graham, Leach, Blyley.  Three sites would be in Syracuse, Westchester, and NYC.  This is tentative however.


Easfaa Report


Anne Barton announced the new officers are Tom Dalton, President, Susan Howard, Pres.-Elect, Neville Brown, VP, Ken Fierra, Secretary and Cathy Bellomo, Treasurer.


EASFAA annually requests 15 copies of our annual conference programs.  That needs to get put in the conference planning manual on the ‘to do’ list.


Discussion took place on changing the selection process for EASFAA Conference Scholarship winner.  Plans are to make it less of a ‘luck’ result and to see if we can get members to earn the scholarship and become truly more active in EASFAA.


EASFAA Conference 2005 is at Bally’s in Atlantic City with a $135 daily cost.  2006 will likely be at the new convention center in Niagara Falls, NY.


Discussion took place on possibility of increasing our five $1000 Scholarships as smaller states are giving out ten $2000 scholarships.


EASFAA and NYSFAAA will jointly host a reception for George Chin at NASFAA.


President Elect Report


Judi Miladin reported that 1017 ballots were sent out for recent election; 313 were returned and 22 of those were ineligible.  291 ballots were valid.  Results are:

          Joan Warren  1st VP

          Karen Price-Scott 2nd VP

          Sam Veeder   Treasurer

          Carolyn Corcoran Secretary

Motion:  To destroy the ballots of recent election



Note is made that Cayuga Community College helped in subsidizing the cost of the election.

Conference 2004


John Smith passed out the preliminary program


Conference 2005


Gail Drapala reported that chairs/co-chairs are working on the program but are waiting until Conference 2004 is over before finetuning the program


HESC Update


A copy of the HESC Update is attached.  Anne Barton did request an updated HESC organizational chart.  Mike Williams explained that more reorganization will be happening in September so a new chart won’t be available until after that.  Mike will take the help desk ticket number issue to HESC hierarchy again.


Regional Reports/Concerns


Region 3 asked for a decision on allowing each region’s Regional Chair to go to the annual conference free of charge.  Discussion took place.  Anne clarified that each region has one conference fee waiver in place already.  Region 3’s proposal was aimed at trying to reward a person who’s very active in the region.  It was concluded that the region could choose to cover transportation expenses for a member.  Mike Pede  will write up a policy and develop a form that can be used statewide for the regional conference fee waiver.


Governance Report


Bill Cheetham gave a history of the strategic long-range plan.  There have been three revisions over the years and the most recent is on the website.  Bill went through the Governance Committee’s written recommendations concerning the plan and presented a written report.


By-Laws Revisions


We went through these and made some proposed changes.  Anne will write up the all revision proposals and email Council members over the summer for comment.  Secretary will need to do a mailing to members no later than September 1st, with the proposed changes.


President’s Report


Anne touched on Reauthorization issues and specifically HR42-83, the College Access and Opporturnity Grant bill.  She talked about endorsing some vs. all of it and that SallieMae is urging school support.


NY State Senate bill 299, sponsored by Senator LaValle, involves schools’ disclosure policies regarding adjustments made to a student’s financial aid.


NYSFAAA’s historian is Adrienne King, who works at NY Poli Tech.


VESID was confused and emailed Anne with updated VESID forms.  Seems they got NYSFAAA confused with SUNYFAP…


We now have a small supply of NYSFAAA thank you cards and Anne will distribute to regional rep’s.


Discussion took place on re-creation of a speakers’ bureau.  Anne asked for a volunteer to contact regions about this and Claire Jacobi volunteered.


Anne will contact Paula Gordon at ATAC on Monday to clarify when the website will be up.


0405 Budget


Mike McGraw handed out and went over the proposed budget.


Motion:  To approve the proposed budget




Old Business


Mike Williams explained there’s an RFP pending involving a contract to produce the CUNT ETA.  He was asked if we’ll (aid officers) get access to the CUNY portal and Mike indicated that it’s in discussion.  Mike will put any updated information regarding this in updated HESC notes and send out later.  He also brought most recent HESC directory that’s available.


Mike McGraw indicated that if any college wants to participate in the State Fair Education Day in August, they need to contact Sharon Karkowski at Tompkins-Cortland.


New Business


 The 0405 Exec Council meeting dates are on the website:


Sept 23-24 in Saratoga

Dec 9-10

Feb 6,7,8

June 15,1,17



Conference 2005 Proposals


Region 8’s proposal was presented by Beth Turne and Brian Levy, with Laura Dominy, Sue Aldrich, and Kerrie Cooper all of the Facilities Committee present.  Proposed dates are Nov 5-8 and site Lake Placid Resort Hotel (site of 1999 Conference).


Region 6’s proposal was made by Claire Jacobi and Karen Price-Scott.  Dates were Oct 7-12 at the Sheraton in NYC.


Questions and discussion followed the presentations.


Motion:  To accept the proposal from Region 6, pending approval of the contract by our attorneys.


                    3 in favor, 9 opposed

                    Motion denied


Motion:  To accept Region 8’s proposal, pending review and approval of the contract by our attorneys.


                    8 in favor, 3 abstentions, none opposed

                    Motion approved


Region 8 is tentative site for Conference 2006


Motion:  To adjourn at 11:10 am