SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2004

                                             SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY




Present:  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Anne Barton, Kerrie Cooper, Carolyn Corcoran, Gail Drapala, Claire Jacobi, Mike McGraw, Judi Miladin, Carrie Newman (for Kevin Ryan), Mike Pede, John Smith, Earl Tretheway, Samantha Veeder, Mike Williams


Guests:  Karen Price-Scott, Patti Ronan, Lisa Simpson, Joan Warren


Motion:  Approval of June 2004 meeting minutes




Treasurer’s Report – Mike McGraw


Mike passed out report for period ending June 2004.  There’s a revised version of the Travel Reimbursement form enclosed (for new mileage rate) and it’s on the website.  The year closed out in good shape.  The historical treasury records are being moved to HESC storage room.  Sam Veeder will get last three years of records. 


Mike reminded all that corporate sponsor information needs to be shared with members to comply with tax laws (especially important for Statewide CAAN person and VP for Training).  Mike said that the corporate sponsor list will be put on the Website.  He reminded that vendors that aren’t a statewide sponsor should not be presenting at training events nor wearing vendor logos or giving out supplies at such events.


Mike suggested forming a corporate development team made up of vendors who would solicit and monitor support to NYSFAAA from vendors (similar to what EASFAA/PHEA do).


Mike is scheduling a meeting at annual Conference with regional treasurers and Sam Veeder invited all Exec Council reps.  Here he also reminded reps.  be sure their regional treasurers are forwarding quarterly reports to the Treasurer.


There was a suggestion and discussion ensued on having all funds (regional and statewide) in one bank with a lender that has representation/offices in all regions.  This could cut down on Patriot Act-related paperwork and regional banking fees.  Anne advised this could be put out to bid.



VP for Professional Development Report – Mike Pede



Discussion continued  on regional conference fee waiver (continued from June 2004 meeting), now being referred to as “Conference Assistance Grant”.  Mike passed out a draft of the CAG process, including draft of application.  An additional discussion ensued on the possibility of creating a regional professional development fund as Region 3 has done (this could help to supplement CAG and help pay hotel/transportation for conference)


Training Information Clarification was explained at this point: 

1.     a region has up to $800 available automatically

2.     there’s up to $1000 available for a support staff workshop

3.     a region can request additional funding beyond the $1800 but has to go through Exec Council (available regional treasury funds should be used prior to going to Council)


EASFAA Training is on the EASFAA website and one can register on-line.  This fall’s topic is “Student Loans”.  Agenda on website; cost is $25 for member/$75 non-member. A session will be held in the morning at annual Conference and then other sites are NYC, Long Island, and Albany



VP for Membership Report – Kerrie Cooper


As of today we have 387 members


Kerrie praised Paula at ATAC for her efforts


Kerrie cautioned members when registering their regional affiliation(s) on the website; if the member doesn’t check a region when prompted for “primary regional affiliation”, it’ll default to Region 1


Motion:  That new Membership V.P. and Communications Director go to ATAC and meet with Paula for training.


Friendly Rider to Motion:  That Judi Miladin attend ATAC training also.

          Motion passed unanimously


Mike McGraw recommended bringing ATAC staff to Exec Council for training and Anne suggested website training be part of program at 2005 Conference


A lengthy discussion followed, on the issue of changing the membership year; this was raised by some members who did not have access to the website.  Point made that if membership year is changed, must also change the fiscal year, which impacts other things, like insurance.  The idea of separating membership registration from conference registration was also raised.  Discussion followed. 


Kerrie also raised issue of how to distribute pins/member cards if we’re now sending membership confirmation via email.  Mike McGraw suggested getting those items to Regional Chairpersons or EC rep’s and at Novice and other events.



HESC Update – Mike Williams (see attached)


Mike Williams began by indicating that HESC will have the Financial Aid Wall Chart ready by State Fair time and he acknowledged John Smith for coordinating all the CAAN-related items.  The Wall Chart is the most-requested document by state legislators.


Patti Ronan, Director of Corporate of Initiatives in the Office of the President at HESC, gave us an update on the newly created document tracking system.  Patti answered questions and took suggestions/recommendations from the EC.


Lisa Simpson gave an update on the Empire EFT Disbursement process at HESC; a detailed presentation will be offered to all members at the Conference.



Novice Update – Lisa Simpson


The 2004 Novice Workshop was held at Manhattanville College with 98 participants.  Lisa proposed a total cost of $580 for 2005, to include the $35 NYSFAAA membership.  She hopes to do registration for next year’s workshop on the Website and do more Web interaction with registrants.


MOTION:  To accept the cost for Novice participation for 2005 to be $580, which would include annual NYSFAAA membership dues.


          Motion passed



President-Elect Report- Judi Miladin


The December 2004 meeting will be held in either White Plains or NYC area.

The February 2005 meeting will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Albany.


College Goal Sunday- we’ve been contacted by Ambrose Price (USA Funds) about participating.  It is generally held the Sunday after the Superbowl.  The program includes a $25000 grant over 3 years from the Lumina Foundation.  There’s also a $7500 exploratory grant (start-up grant).  Once  grant funding is over, the association would have to be ready to fund the event.  Judi spoke with an Ohio association member who said that after the 3 years, they had a “cost overrun”.    Discussion took place.  The general consensus seemed to be that the grant money didn’t seem to be a lot, considering the potential media cost for the program.  Discussion ended with no motion made.


CAAN Update – John Smith


The Wall Chart is now available.  The Wrapper is being printed now and will be available for School Counselor Workshops; next year the Wrapper should be available for the State Fair (the Wrappers’s readiness depends on when sponsor support is ready).  Anne asked John to bring a Wrapper sample to the December meeting.


Regional Reports


Verbal reports were given by each regional representative.  Most  discussed their region’s concern with low school member turnout at regional meetings and some regions discussed strategies for hopefully remedying this.  Most regions submitted a hardcopy report to the Secretary.  Region 7’s Gail Drapala mentioned that the 2005 Conference hotel on Long Island has undergone a name change.  It is now called the Hyatt Regency Windwatch.  The hotel is being renovated currently and the new hotel contact is Mark Purdue.  Region 8 members indicated that preliminary conference planning for Conference 2006 is underway.


Conference 2004 Update – John Smith


Final details are being worked on.  One of the original entertainment sites has filed for bankruptcy but options are being planned.


Bids for the 2007 Conference need to be received by Executive Council by the February 2005 meeting (February 6-8 at Albany Crowne Plaza Hotel).  Any proposals need to be presented at the December 2004 meeting (December 9-10 at White Plains Crowne Plaza).


Region 6 stated an intention to have a 2007 conference proposal on the December 9-10 meeting agenda.


President’s Report – Anne Barton


NYSFAAA Volunteer Brochure-  Anne created the brochure and had it available at the 2003 Conference; Kerrie said there’s also a prompt on the membership application so anyone who checked it should show on Website Report of New Volunteers.  Earl, Maria and Karen volunteered to follow-up on the volunteer brochure and contact volunteers.


Senator LaValle Family Day Event – Gail Drapala has volunteered to chair the event; it’s held in Suffolk County at Suffolk Co. Community College, where his constituency is.  He sponsors the event and any organization can show up and donate an item to be raffled.  It will take place  October 23rd and Gail will man the table.  NYSFAAA will raffle an Amex Gift Card of $100.


MOTION:  To present/offer a $100 Amex gift card for Senator Lavalle Family Day Event


          Motion approved


Legislative Training Day – this was a very successful event for which NYSFAAA received a NASFAA award.  Anne sent thank you cards to Senators LaValle and Canestroni.  Anne has talked to Bill Cavin about the 2005 event and possibility of training on the FM EFC formula and TAP calculation.  We’re going to ask the legislators when they’d like the training done.


Long Range Plan- the current plan expires in Sept 2005 so Anne advised that we may want to get a new committee together to begin thinking about a new long range plan.


Historian- Adrienne King of Pratt Institute has volunteered to act as Historian.  Anne put her in touch with Bob Shorbe, who is EASFAA’s historian.


Policy and Procedures Manual- there are still some sections that need to be updated.  We will possibly need a sub-committee to work on it and bring it back to Council for review.


Media Exposure- Sallie Mae arranged a meeting with Gannett newspapers; it was a way to introduce the association to the media.  Anne invited Gannett reporter to the Rochester Conference.


EASFAA- A summer retreat was held to set up Tom Dalton’s (new EASFAA President) agenda


Anne Barton has replaced Mike McGraw on the NCHELP Advisory Committee; 2 main points raised were: 1. issue of inducements; NASFAA is not getting involved on this.  USED will create a policy and 2. the growing volume of alternative loans and that the financial aid community wants some common ground policy/practices from the lending community. Judi Miladin offered here that the SUNY group that was put together on the MOU issue has developed some guarantor performance standards.


Website Status- Anne reminded all that regional meeting minutes need to be posted to regional areas of the website by either the EC regional representative, the EC regional chair or the regional secretaries.  If members have problems posting regional minutes to the site, they should contact Earl Tretheway, who is our ATAC liaison.



Old Business –


Service Award Issue- The Awards Committee wants EC guidance on issue of giving an associate member a service award, which typically goes to active members.  An exception was made in the past but the recipient was an active member in the year for which the service was being measured.  The person whom the Awards Committee has nominated for this year’s award, was an active member 7 or 8 years ago.  A lengthy discussion followed.


MOTION:  That Executive Council clarify that all existing service awards be given to a member who is/was active during the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the current conference.


          Motion approved unanimously.  Anne Barton will pass this on immediately to the Awards Committee.


EASFAA Conference Regional Nomination- regions should submit a name of a regional member to Anne Barton by the October 2004 Conference.  The individual only has to pay $50 EASFAA dues and agree to serve on an EASFAA committee beginning after the May 2005 Conference.



New Business


Anne raised the issue of EC members sharing rooms at EC meetings.  Short discussion followed.


MOTION:  That NYSFAAA Executive Council members be allowed to have single rooms at meetings.


          Unanimous approval


TAP CUNY Portal Issue- Mike Williams indicated that “Anytime TAP on the Web” will be unveiled at the Conference but basically students will be able to change their college code but will be also able to file TAP on the WEB if have a valid FAFSA filed, so therefore no access to CUNY site should be necessary for 0506.


Gear Up Grant proposal-  We’re now in the 5th year of the grant.  Participants of the first grant should be college freshmen in the fall of 2005. HESC and NYSFAAA will need to continue to work together on using Gear Up funds to their fullest potential.  Council will meet at the Conference to discuss this more.


MOTION:  To adjourn the meeting at 11:35 am.