OCTOBER 26, 2004






          Winner is Brent McEnroe

          Alternate is Scott Atkinson


REGION 9 MEMBERSHIP ISSUE – Kerrie Cooper raised for discussion.  Region 9 is a “catch all”; on the website there is no option for Region 9.  If a member choosed Region 9 on conference registration, they’ve paid $15 too much and their money doesn’t go to any region’s revenue sharing.  There’s no official Region 9 and there’s no official communication to reach its registrants.  Question raised by Kerrie as to should Region 9 be abolished?   Typically 28-40 people register as Region 9 when they register for the conference.  Discussion followed.


MOTION: To abolish Region 9; Miladin/Drapal.  Motion passed. One opposed.



USE OF GEAR UP FUNDS – HESC has Gear Up funds that need to be used.  Mike Williams suggested that he can bring Joe Tine, (Director of Pre-College Services at HESC) to the next Council meeting to have him present HESC’s proposals on how to use these funds.  Essentially there are three options/issues:

          -how to spend supplemental funds for the current cohort (students who are high school seniors now)

          -whether to get in on a bid  in next round of proposals

          -do we want to present NYSFAAA as that entity that can do the financial aid component for the current cohort….


Discussion followed.  Anne advised that Judi may want to have Joe Tine come to the December 2004 meeting to discuss further.  Discussion was put on Dec. meeting agenda



LEGISLATIVE GAZETTE PARTICIPATION – Earl asked if we wanted to participate in the February 2005 issue; Anne said we should think about lenders/vendors sponsoring space (articles, ads).  The consensus was to get some articles in it again



POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – these need to be updated.  Judi asked that for the December meeting, representatives update anything they’ve been involved with


MOTION:  To adjourn.  Drapal/Ryan


Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm