JUNE 15-17, 2005




Present:  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Anne Barton,  Carolyn Corcoran, Gail Drapala, Clair Jacobi, Sharon Karwowski, Judi Miladin, Kevin Ryan, John Smith, Earl Tretheway, Samantha Veeder, Joan Warren, Mike Williams


Unable To Attend:  Karen Price-Scott


Guests:  Dave Canaski, Pat Johnson, Cindy Kohlman, Bill Mack, Nancy Pawlak, Jim Vallee



SECRETARY’S REPORT – Carolyn Corcoran

  • April 2005 meeting minutes were distributed beforehand via email; reviewed for changes/corrections
  • MOTION:  To approve April 2005 Exec Council meeting minutes; Smith/Barton.  MOTION APPROVED.



  • Distributed written report and reviewed budget/balance sheet
  • Have a few outstanding novice bills to pay
  • Need to discuss scholarship account transfer to investment account
  • Still waiting for Gear Up check (Judi will contact HESC in regard to this)
  • Audit did raise some issues/concerns:
    • Regional treasury activities (need to behave under 501 C-3 regulations); accountant did note some incomplete/inaccurate or missing regional treasury reports; also some activity that did not meet “tax exempt” reg’s. (that is “activity in line with your association’s mission”); accountant mentioned possibly having an outside attorney review
    • Judi said we will be checking with our attorneys to see if they can review this and if not, Chett recommended an attorney in Buffalo who specializes in this
    • More discussion followed; as Region 6 and 7 council rep’s not yet present as are running late, they will be updated by Sam/Judi
    • It was suggested by Maria that once we get clarification as to what’s appropriate/not, that it be put in clear, concise written format so it could be distributed to regions.  Sam advised that council rep’s. can now take the April 2005 audit report and share it with their regions
    • Sam did say that as result of these concerns, auditor will be randomly choosing one or two regions annually to have a “thorough” audit
    • Auditor also recommended changing bookkeeping software from Quicken to QuickBooks (easier and less expensive)
    • Auditor also recommended that when checks are endorsed by regional treasurer, they should be using either a stamp with “for deposit only” and account number listed on stamp OR this should be handwritten on each endorsed check
    • We need to be using INC. (incorporated) designation on all written communication; letterhead was changed to reflect that
    • There’s a pending change in our insurance coverage ; former company decided to cancel coverage but did not give us 60 days notice; our current coverage is valid through 7/15/05.  Sharon  asked how that would affect State Fair event; Sam said that we will have new coverage by then (has an agent looking for us).  Anne said she’d check with EASFAA to see who they use
    • Sam is still waiting on 3/30/05 treasury reports from Regions 5, 6 and 7; she will withhold revenue sharing on those regions.  Other regions should be getting revenue sharing checks soon
    • We are about to go live with sponsorship webpage; Sam did email all lenders/vendors to alert them; it will be ‘view-only’ for a few days
    • John Smith, Sue Aldrich and Kevin Ryan volunteered to serve Budget Committee




  • Had great statewide planning meeting in May with good representation (although not 100%)
  • Overall, feeling was workshops went well
  • Expenses were down (less postage, good support from sponsors)
  • Pat submitted a written report to Council
    • In discussion concerning letterhead requests, Carolyn asked if Exec Council rep’s could ask regional Chairs to get requests for letterhead/envelopes to Carolyn by July 1st so that Carolyn can ask warehouse contact person in Albany to ship letterhead to regional chairs and this can be done all at once, versus orders from different individuals within regions at various times  (region should try to figure out what it will need for the upcoming year and make its regional request to Secretary who will have full year’s regional supply shipped to Regional Chair for distribution within region).



  • Nancy submitted a written report to Council
  • Bookmarks have been very popular in public libraries



  • Asked for clarification on how regions determine regional representation on awards committee; Judi replied that it’s different for each region
  • Cindy asked for confirmation from each Exec Council rep. as to each region’s Awards Committee representative and she provided her fax number for this information to be sent
  • Stressed that she needs nominations by 7/15/05!
  • Discussion took place on length of awards banquet/ceremony at annual conference
  • Discussion on conference awards handout; decided to make a few revisions



  • Bill pointed out that he sees potential for Mentoring process within the Novice program; raised idea of awarding a free annual conference registration to a Novice participant and proposed that a conference fee waiver be developed to allow 8 regional novices to attend the annual conference; Joan stressed that we’d need to track them to be sure that they stay active in NYSFAAA.  Bill asked for a proposal to create a conference fee waiver for 8 regional novices.  Sam said we’d need a more formal proposal or Bill could submit a budget proposal for his committee but would have to submit proposal immediately as budget will be voted on by Council on Friday, June 17th.



  • Two biggest issues are wrapper and regular CAAN materials; John is guaranteeing wrapper will be ready by State Fair event and other materials ready by then as well.
  • John is working on a state-wide public service announcement; hopes to have something definitive by September Council meeting
  • Discussion took place on “Ask the Expert”; currently John is monitoring it and answering all questions which are very infrequent and sporadic.  Anne suggested that we ask an experienced member or two to monitor it.  It was suggested that John solicit 2 very experienced volunteers to monitor this.  Instead, because of the infrequency, Bill Mack offered to monitor, make replies and pass on data; John will find a “back-up” for Bill.


NOVICE REPORT – Judi Miladin

  • 2005 program was successful; 117 participants, highest ever; surmised that HESC Training grants had a lot to do with turnout
  • one unfortunate event did occur that resulted in a participant having to be sent home.  This was well-handled by the staff and the individual’s supervisor was contacted



  • Jim presented our Reauthorization position paper for discussion/suggestions from Council/guests.
  • Jim is planning to take the position paper to Washington in late July to present formally to congressional representatives
  • Discussion on the paper followed and suggestions were made that Jim will incorporate
  • The finalized document will be put on the list serve for all members to review/comment
  • If Jim’s committee’s budget is accepted, he’ll have enough funds to go to Washington on July 20-21st with Judi, Holly Z., Dan Sistarnik, Wayne Harewood, possibly a few other members of Jim’s committee and a few Exec Council representatives


CONFERENCE 2005 REPORT – Gail Drapala

  • Sponsorship process is on Website and is ready to test
  • Food prices went up as a result of new management for the hotel; the conference committee thought that they could raise the registration fee from $250 to $270 but a vote from Council would be needed for that and Council did discuss this item later in the agenda.  Gail passed out revised conference budget
  • Program agenda is almost ready to go (trying to get session descriptions on the website)
  • First promotional mailing with complimentary mouse pad going out just prior to registration being available.  They’re also sending letter to each school’s business office, attempting to get nonmembers interested
  • Council rep’s need to let Gail know if he/she would be unable to moderate a session
  • Discussion/questions followed on sponsorship/conference budget
  • Council decided to keep conference registration fee at $250 since based on revised conference budget, there’s still a projected profit of more than $20000
  • Discussion also took place on clarifying that late fee for conference is tied to date the member registers for the conference on-line so Joan will be sure that language on website on conference registration screen mentions the date



  • Council members went through the most recent version of Policies and Procedures Manual (last updated December of 2000) and made appropriate updates.  May need to finalize/finish in September



  • Joan submitted a written report
  • 04-05 total was 1177 members
  • regional data is now available to regions
  • the 05-06 application is available
  • members should check the database before creating a new application as they may be able to just revise/renew their application (this would help in preventing duplicate applications)
  • the membership brochure is done; each region was sent a pack of 50



  • Anne submitted  a written report
  • Largest election turnout ever for the President-Elect vote
  • Council gave Anne permission to destroy the electronic voting report for the President-Elect tally
  • Anne also provided an EASFAA update


HESC UPDATE – Mike Williams

  • Jim Ross is now formerly HESC Commissioner per vote of the legislature on 6/16/05
  • Jim Ross was present at and most impressed with the SUNYFAP Guarantor session at SUNYFAP Conference
  • HESC is thinking about producing a guide for Best Practices of Lenders in NYS;  Corey Bivianno and Mike were thinking it could be a collaborative effort with NYSFAAA/SUNYFAP
  • HESC is working on better coordinating of administrative workshops so as not to conflict with other NYSFAAA events
  • HESC will be at the annual conference and will participate under NYSFAAA’s guidelines
  • HESC  planning to host a loan symposium to promote its loan program and other loan topics; dates are September 15 and 16th in Saratoga


PROPOSED BUDGET – Budget Committee

  • Changes made to the proposed budget as result of the 6/16/05 Budget Committee meeting
  • Sam voiced  concern that hasn’t received a proposal for statewide training
  • MOTION: To approve proposed budget; Barton/Smith; MOTION APPROVED.


CONFERENCE 2006 REPORT – Sue Aldrich

  • Sue presented a final draft of the conference budget
  • Dates for the conference have changed to Monday, November 6th through Thursday, November 11th, 2006.  This needs to be changed on the website!
  • MOTION: To approve conference registration fee at $250; Drapala/Barton; MOTION APPROVED


CONFERENCE 2007 REPORT – Clair Jacobi

  • no budget proposed yet
  • waiting for Angela Van Dekker to come on board; she’ll be the new Region 6 Exec Council representative effective October 2005
  • Clair has already been in touch with USED Region 2 federal offices for their support



  • Recent travel including the following:  Region VIII May meeting @ Paul Smith’s College, the Tri-Regional event in NYC, a 2005 Conference Committee meeting on Long Island, SUNYFAP and EASFAA Conferences, EASFAA Exec. Council, the HESC Board Meeting and Novice
  • Will be speaking with attorneys about NYSFAA.org issue
  • Spent a lot of time on sponsorship on Web process
  • Worked with Jim Vallee on reauthorization position paper
  • Strategic plan expires 2006 so will need revising; President-Elect Dave Canaski will take the lead on that



  • Region 1 held elections on Website and worked well; Rachel Barker from Medaille College will be new Council rep.  Consolidation workshop presented by Nelnet.  Next meeting on 6/23/05
  • Region 2 held Graham/Leach/Blaley training which was well-attended; help Exec Council rep. election and Steve Dodds from Rochester Business Institute was elected; held support staff workshop June 3rd and will be having summer meeting next week
  • Region 3 ; State Fair event to be held September 2nd; having a region meeting on June 23rd  to include a farewell for Jan Klotz.  Region just create new training committee and surveyed region for topics   Members indicating they’re getting dropped from list serve; Joan advised they go through NYSFAAA support.org process when that happens; Joan  sending reminder email to let all know it’s time to renew membership and at same time they can check on their regional listserv status.  Earl will contact Paula at ATAC to see if can secure lists of members on regional list servs.  Also Region 3 interested in using  i-link audio conferencing service; it was agreed that regions should be able to use it and use regional funds for their respective calling costs.  Region 3 did have an electronic election; all candidates were unopposed.  Sharon Karwowski re-elected as Council rep.
  • Region 4’s FERPA workshop was cancelled due to low registration.  Discussion ensued on publicity for state-wide training events.  Summer meeting to be held on 7/29 at Saratoga track.  Region’s election was just winding up today; several candidates running for each office.
  • Region 5 held its elections and Maria Barlaam was re-elected as Council rep.  Last regional meeting was held in April at Dutchess; final summer meeting to be held on 6/24.
  • Region 6 held elections also. Angela Van Dekker from Fordham will be new Council rep.  New people are coming onboard as new officers and all new officers are from schools.  Had great turnout for summer meeting on 6/10/05.  Tri-Regional went well; hosted by SallieMae.
  • Region 7 held a tax workshop in March which was well-attended.  Support staff workshop held in April with over 100 attendees.  The summer outing at Old Westbury included a stress management workshop.  Sheryl Mihopulos from Adelphi will be Council rep.
  • Region 8 held its final meeting on May 6th at Paul Smith’s College.  Unsure about status of regional elections.


Judi reminded all Council representatives that regional written reports should be submitted to the respective regional websites, no later than next week.



  • 1. To move $10000 from Scholarship checking account to Scholarship investment account
  • 2.  To move $50000 from general operating to general reserve account.
  • MOTION:  To approve recommendations of the Budget Committee; Barton/Ryan.  MOTION APPROVED.



  • No discussion



  • Discussion moved to September Council meeting


MOTION:  To adjourn at 10:25 a.m.; Smith/Aldrich.  MOTION APPROVED.