SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2005





Present: Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Anne Barton, Carolyn Corcoran, Gail Drapala, Clair Jacobi, Sharon Karwowski, Judi Miladin, Kevin Ryan, Lisa Simpson (for Mike Williams),  John Smith, Tony Thompson (for Karen Price-Scott),  Earl Tretheway, Samantha Veeder , Joan Warren


Guests:  Rachel Barker, Dave Canaski, Steve Dodds, Pat Johnson, Bill Mack, Sheryl Mihopulos, Nancy Teodecki, Angela VanDekker,  Brenda Wright



SECRETARY’S REPORT – Carolyn Corcoran

  • June 2005 meeting minutes were distributed beforehand via email; reviewed for changes/corrections.  Note:  correction to spelling of name of Sheryl Mihopulos; so noted and correction to be made.
  • MOTION:  To approve June 2005 Exec Council meeting minutes with noted correction; Drapla/Smith.  MOTION APPROVED.




·         Statistics on website not correct; it’s currently combining 0405 and 0506 members due to overlap in years.  Expiration date on 0405 membership year is 10/31/05.  As of 11/01/05, membership statistics on website will be correct

·         We’re up 17% over last year; Judi commended Joan and Joan replied that having the website is tremendously helpful in recruiting new members

·         Discussion on outstanding payment issues, including: #1. Novice.  5 of Novice participants hadn’t yet paid for membership; there were 11 total; remaining 5 will be sent to Sam (Treasurer) for collection.  ATAC has a Variance Report that tells us who attends events but haven’t yet paid membership fee (as long as event is registered through the Events Planner, the Variance Report will pick this up). #2 when people pay membership fee at regional events, sometimes regions aren’t communicating/forwarding membership information to Joan. 

·         Joan stressed ongoing problem with duplicate records/invoices; ATAC will try to do something to prevent this

·         Joan did an outreach (letter with membership brochure) to 100 NASFAA/EASFAA members; getting lots of inquiries on status of being able to accept payment via credit card (right now we don’t accept credit card payments)

·         John Smith expressed frustration with not being able to respond to regional list serv without signing onto web site; Joan explained it’s a security issue.  Judi agreed that it does limit discussion



·         Pat handed out list of regional chairs and list of regional workshops/dates; Region 7 has yet to name its regional chair or provide dates/locations

·         HESC will resend school counselor/other mailing labels soon

·         Vince Scalise is coordinating FAFSA wrappers



  • Committee wrapped up bookmark project for public libraries; Nancy has several thousand left if anyone would like some
  • New project is wristbands, which were given out at State Fair and Nancy presented Council with samples.  Also did new brochure and organized distribution with PTA statewide at elementary school level
  • There’s a $700 shortfall on committee’s budget due to ordering many more brochures than originally expected; Gail Drapala asked if wristbands/brochures could be made available at conference luncheon and it was agreed that we could make available brochures but too costly for wristbands



  • Event was held on June 4th through June 10th, 2005 at Manhattanville College; there were 116 participants
  • Lisa Simpson, Bill Mack and Heather McDonnell visited Cobleskill 2 weeks ago; goal is to get Novice held in all regions;  they liked Cobleskill and it’s more affordable than Manhattanville
  • Proposed dates for 2006 are June 3rd through June 9th
  • Cobleskill can accommodate up to 175 people; we’d like to hold registration at 120
  • Lisa requested to be able to rent a small storage unit as members have Novice items stored all over the place; there’s a storage unit in Cobleskill for $35/month
  • MOTION:  To move Novice Training to Cobleskill for two years and to go ahead with contracts for 2006 year; Barton/Smith.  MOTION APPROVED.
  • Lisa also brought up idea of trying to get past Novice videos transferred to DVD; suggested perhaps a college’s media arts department could do this for no fee


HESC UPDATE – Lisa Simpson for Mike Williams

  • Having great success with Anytime TAP-on-the-Web (reason HESC hadn’t put link on their website initially was due to requirement that an official FAFSA EFC has to be file on file).  HESC has now put the link to ETA, ChangeForm and RFI letters on their site
  • CUNY will no longer be processing TAP applications after 0506 year!
  • There are a few new scholarships for Nursing and a special Flight 587 (crashed in Queens in Nov.2001) Memorial Scholarship
  • There’s a new loan forgiveness for nursing educators
  • HESC received $21million in federal funds for NY Gear Up (6 year program that will cover this year’s 7th graders, through high school, for those participating)



CAAN UPDATE – John Smith

  • John had two priorities or efforts for the year; one was to make sure that all materials were ready for fall 2005 events and second was to make sure that FAFSA wrapper was done in time for State Fair event.  Both efforts were realized; unfortunately wrappers didn’t get to Fair but that was due to family emergency of member who planned to bring them.  0405 wrappers were used.
  • John has the order form for wrappers so members can email John if need any
  • HESC needs names of all regional CAAN representatives to be able to print the HESC map; John indicated that all other HESC materials to be used for fall events will be shipped shortly; contact Linda Bridgewater at HESC if need more materials
  • John’s third priority was to get a statewide media event for CAAN coordinated; he emphasizes that he feels we need a statewide, collaborative media event


STATE FAIR EVENT – Sharon Karwowski

  • Sharon summarized event with written report and list of NYSFAAA volunteers who participated
  • Anne suggested we may want to consider doing a NYSFAAA giveaway (notepads, pens, etc)
  • Joan suggested that a contingent of downstate members attend the fair event as she thinks it would be educational for downstate members


GOVERNMENT RELATIONS UPDATE – Judi Miladin for Jim Vallee/Beth Post

  • A group of members went to Washington for 2 days in July with Tri-State delegation (D.C./Delaware/Maryland);  the group got to sit in on mark-up of house bill; Judi said it was an excellent experience and the delegation got to speak with Tim Bishop (House rep. from Long Island).  They presented our position paper the second day and met with representatives from Clinton and Schumer’s offices (met with total of 20 aides).  Judi has had follow-up from Clinton’s aide and others.  Judi stressed that NYSFAAA will continue to do this at least one a year.



  • Began read-through of most recent update and continued to edit; we’re approximately half-way through the document



  • Reviewed/distributed balance and budget sheet
  • Transferred $10000 from scholarship savings to scholarship trak investment account (there are 2 trak accounts)
  • Still have not received Gear Up money.  Judi explained we do have counter-signed contracts; some forms still to be completed that are said to be in the mail
  • Ended up renewing insurance policy with St.Paul’s Travelers; we no longer have separate policies for separate events; all events are covered under one policy
  • Scholarship recipient checks have been sent to scholarship winners
  • All items for new audit have been sent to Chett
  • Regions 1 and 2 were randomly selected for regional treasury audits
  • There will be a meeting at the annual conference for regional treasurers and regional chairs and exec council representatives will also be invited
  • Vendors responded will to on-line sponsorship process
  • Distributed revised/updated mileage reimbursement forms
  • Judi pointed out that budget line items for Exec Council meetings need to be reviewed as we didn’t have accurate expense data at the June 2005 meeting so we severely under-budgeted
  • MOTION:  To revise budget to put $20000 into General Executive Council and $40000 into Executive Council meeting line items;  Barlaam/Drapala.  MOTION APPROVED.
  • MOTION:  To approve Treasurer’s Report;  Smith/Barton.  MOTION APPROVED.
  • Continued with discussion on accepting credit card payments.  Joan has been inundated with inquiries about our ability to accept payment via credit card; short discussion on costs;  decision was to get more information (from EASFAA) on credit card costs and try to make a decision at December 2005 meeting.



DEVELOPMENT/TRAINING REPORT -  Tony Thompson for Karen Price-Scott

  • Tony read a proposal from Karen in regard to forming a Development/Training Committee (this same proposal had been earlier e-mailed to Exec Council members in June 2005)
  • Council members did comment to Judi via email in June 2005; Judi indicated that she was envisioning having a major discussion about where we want to go with statewide training.  Judi expressed discomfort in not having Karen Price-Scott present today for the discussion
  • Sentiment/comments made about the importance of on-going tax training and lots of discussion followed; consensus was that we do not want a big spring training event as was outlined in Karen’s proposal
  • Judi proposed that the training issue be discussed at regional level; Exec. Council rep’s. need to get comments from regional members so that it can be discussed further at December 2005 Council meeting
  • Sue Aldrich recommended that we explore utilizing teleconferencing, which has been used in some regions
  • Maria felt that that something needs to be done sooner than December 2005.  Tony offered that EC should convene a meeting at the Conference and bring regional comments/views there; Joan stressed that people don’t tend to register for annual membership AFTER the Conference so we need to be sure that ONLY members be present for regional training events
  • There was discussion concerning the Professional Development Fee Waiver for the annual conference.  Clair wondered if there shouldn’t be some type of criteria developed for this waiver and expressed need for developing guidelines on how to select recipients




  • Have 471 full conference registrants as of 9/19; 561 total registrants
  • Everything should be ready to go!
  • MOTION:  To cap 2005 Conference registration at 650 total; Drapla/Thompson.  MOTION APPROVED.


CONFERENCE 2006 REPORT – Sue Aldrich

  • Conference logo is out
  • Next meeting of steering is set for Oct. 26, 2005 at Lake Placid conference site
  • Various  committee have been meeting via conference call format


CONFERENCE 2007 REPORT – Clair Jacobi

  • Tony Olivero is Clair’s conference Co-Chair
  • There will be two evenings ‘on your own’ with cocktail hours on those nights
  • Committee chairs won’t be organized until after 2005 Conference concludes



  • Investment account representative Rob Bell sent some information on Katrina effects on our investments
  • Will request adding two more EASFAA/NYSFAAA joint training (Compliance topic) sites, one on Long Island and one somewhere in Region 8
  • Has been contacted again in regard to College Goal Sunday; Ken Storms at HESC is trying to get funding for exploratory grant to reach under-served areas (especially areas where students don’t have a lot of internet access and therefore their participation in on-line aid process is limited)
  • Reported on gratitude received from NASFAA for NYSFAAA support/presence at the July 2005 NASFAA Conference in NYC
  • Senator LaValle Day is coming up again (LaValle is Chairperson of State Senate Higher Ed. Committee); he hosts an annual family day at Suffolk Co. Comm. College.  This year it’s taking place on November 5th; NYSFAAA is looking for some member(s) to staff NYSFAAA table
  • Received letter from NASFAA about their “Financial Aid Fundamentals”; asking if we want to be a “state partner”; our members would pay $306 vs. $340 to use this financial aid training tool for new staff members
  • Judi was reminded by a member that this year’s conference is taking place during a Jewish holy day so Judi encouraged future conference committees to be conscious of these dates
  • NYSFAA.org is owned by some other entity which has a link to fafsa.com (not good obviously); they’re not willing to sell their ownership of the site.  Our attorney, David Myers, is investigating whether we have any recourse for legal action
  • Has had contact with John D’Agait’s staff and they’ve indicated there will be senate education committee meetings coming up; hopefully TAP Reform will be a part of agenda



  • Sam commented on the fact that some committees (especially conference) are using iLink for conference calling for meetings.  It was decided that NYSFAAA will pay for any committee, regional or statewide, for conference call meetings.
  • Earl brought up the fact that we’re getting job posting requests from non-members (schools that have a job opening but no members at that school); consensus was to NOT post those job openings
  • Earl received a call from Gina at The Legislative Gazette asking about purchasing ads; only two lenders purchased ads as a sponsorship item thus far



  • Earl has made contact with Paula at ATAC and he will be getting lists to the regions of which members are on which regional list servs