OCTOBER 19, 2005






Present:  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Anne Barton, Carolyn Corcoran, Gail Drapala, Sharon Karwowski, Judi Miladin, Kevin Ryan, Earl Tretheway, Samantha
Veeder, Joan Warren, Mike Williams


Guests:  Rachel Barker, Dave Canaski, Angela Van Dekker, Brenda Wright


Not Present:  Clair Jacobi, John Smith



I.  Judi Miladin announced that Karen Price-Scott had tendered her resignation.  Judi asked Maria Barlaam to consider taking VP position and Maria agreed, pending Council approval.


MOTION:  To appoint Maria Barlaam as V.P. for Professional Development;  Karwowski/Tretheway.  MOTION APPROVED.



II.  Discussion on the Direction of Statewide Training.

  • Region 5 felt that the two hot topics are COD and Tax Return Analysis/Comprehension
  • Region 3 asked if there was a way to have a clearinghouse on the website that would list ALL training ALL over the State
  • Dave Canaski asked if philosophically we want more statewide OR regional training and consensus from group was “we want more of both!”
  • Earl Tretheway suggested that we have anyone offering training funnel the event information to him as Communications Chair; consensus was to only post events that have “open” access
  • Anne Barton mentioned biggest complaint has been we haven’t done two annual events; this where/why we may want to consider using different formats (video/tele-distance).  Anne also mentioned that members acquaint training with what we get for our dues
  • Sam Veeder commented that more intermediate training is needed and it the group agreed with this
  • Kevin Ryan commented that annual conference sessions need to be put on the website as NASFAA sessions are
  • Angela VanDekker offered that web training needs to be explored
  • Extensive Discussion followed
  • Judi stressed that large part of VP Professional Development job is communicating with regions and using the website for communication
  • Maria Barlaam encouraged regions to let her know of any dynamic/effective training that they have in their region (so Maria could see if other regions want access to it)
  • Joan suggested each region should designate a training coordinator and then Maria could set them up as a Training Committee (these persons should be paid members!).  Discussion ended here.



MOTION:  To approve minutes of September 2005 Council meeting;  Barlaam/Barton.  MOTION APPROVED.


Final Reminders:  December 2005 Council Meeting will be December 8th and 9th at the Holiday Inn Arena in Binghamton  and the January Council Meeting will be January 29, 30, 31st at Holiday Inn Express on Western Avenue in Albany.