NYSFAAA Executive Council Regional Report


 Region 7


December 9, 2005



  • Region 7 had its first meeting the week directly following the NYSFAAA conference at the end of October. The region had the opportunity to review the conference and to complete a survey to ask how members want to see their regional funds spent.  The results of the survey were that the majority of members wanted more professional development.
  • At the same meeting the vendors asked for a Master Calendar for regional sponsorship (inclusive of Regions 1-8) which will enable them to do some long-range planning; they would be able to go to their supervisors once with an annual commitment.  Some of their regional sponsorship could be used to cover refreshments at meetings, the holiday meeting and the summer outing.
  •  Two members of Region 7, Mark Goldstein and Veronica Markiewicz-Grosch represented NYSFAAA at Ken Lavalle/Family Day held on Saturday, November 5 at Suffolk Community College. This was a successful event and NYSFAAA should plan to budget for sufficient handouts and other materials (similar to those given out at the State Fair) to support the event. A tremendous thank you goes out to the volunteers for representing NYSFAAA.
  • The High School Guidance Counselor workshop was held on December 8 and reporting of this event will occur at the January 29, 30, and 31 Executive Council meeting to be held in Albany.
  • Conference 2005 evaluations are just becoming available and the final Conference report should be ready by the January 2006 Exec Council meeting.  The Conference Chair is still awaiting the hotel bill and some final conference invoices.
  • On December 2 the holiday meeting included a training session on “Never Check email in the Morning and other Grab and Go Strategies for the New Work of Work”.  The meeting was at SUNY Farmingdale.
  • The Regional Chair and the Executive Council representatives for Region 7 will be moving in the direction of “Best Practices” and an emphasis on professional development.
  • For the upcoming January 13 meeting we will be having a professional trainer present a ½ day seminar entitled, “Powerful Presentations”.