APRIL 20-21, 2006






Present:  Rachel Barker (for Janet McGrath), Maria Barlaam, Dave Canaski, Carolyn Corcoran, Steve Dodds, Sharon Karwowski, Heather McDonnell, Judi Miladin, Sam Veeder, Joan Warren, Mike Williams


Unable to Attend:  Sue Aldrich, Sheryl Mihopulos, Angela VanDekker, Brenda Wright


Guests:  Katrina DelGrosso, Cathy Patella , Beth Turner and other members of Conference 2006 Steering Committee



SECRETARY’S REPORT – Carolyn Corcoran


  • January 2006 meeting minutes were distributed beforehand via email and reviewed for changes/corrections.  Minutes updated accordingly.
  • MOTION; To approve minutes of January 2006 Council meeting; Dodds/McDonnell.  MOTION APPROVED.


2006 CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT – Beth Turner/Committee

  • Beth wanted to discuss concerns from the final report of Conference 2005:
    • Capping Registration – 2006 will cap at 500 full-conference attendees and 50 day trippers for total of 550
    • On-Line Registration issue- we can turn it off; there will be a waiting list. Discussed fact that if someone does cancel, first person on waitlist doesn’t have first access to register; it’s the next person who goes to the site
    • Handling of hotel/room reservations; people will register right on Crowne Plaza’s site; Best Western is 2nd hotel, Hilton is 3rd.  Dave brought up concern that schools get closed out of rooms before lenders.  Beth indicated hotel will send room reservations to her and anyone with more than 3 rooms reserved will be advised to move to overflow hotel. We will be communicating  to members who cancel their hotel reservation to also cancel conference registration
    • Beth emphasized that Sam has been terrific to work with on financing of Conference 2006 and has absolutely no concerns in financing regard
    • Joan advised that we could have ATAC forward any cancellations right to Betsy Penrose so she can notify people on waitlist.  Sam indicated that vendor registration changes will be sent to her, Katrina and Kelley Robinson
    • Kelley Robinson gave a Vendor Committee update; 47 vendor spots with 6 foot tables and 8 foot space.  Discussion on what to do if more than 46 vendors try to register; decision to cap vendors at 47.  We want to offer some free space in the program booklet since not offering any conference registration fee waivers; Council left it up to Vendor Committee for decision on that.  All vendor areas WILL be locked.
    • Kerry Lubold presented Program Committee update.  Session proposal solicitation went out on listserv.  She presented a draft of program as of 4/12/2006.  Program Committee met earlier today and some revisions were made.  Discussion on technology fair idea.
    • Brian Levy gave a Facilities Committee update.  We will have 7 or 8 session rooms  located throughout hotel.  Registration process will include a survey of which sessions attendees plan to attend.
    • Katrina Del Grosso gave Publicity Committee update.  Information for Conference went out on website in January 2006. There are other links but no info behind them yet.  Hotel information will be updated shortly.  Postcard mailing will be done around June 1st.  Protocol invites will be done in July with pocket programs to be done in the fall.  Will promote registration cutoff date and use of credit cards.  Will remind members about Election Day and absentee ballot opportunity and possibly create link for absentee ballot sites around state.




  • We’re at 1405 members!
  • 06-07 Membership application is available
  • Tax Workshops generated approximately 100 members





  • 3 Advanced Tax workshops were held in Buffalo, Albany and Manhattan;  Jim Briggs is great to work with and Maria got lots of great feedback.  She’s considering idea of having this training every year downstate and moving it around more in upstate regions.  Maria would like to renew Jim Briggs for next year NOW;  suggestion made to turn it over to Training Committee to decide how frequently to offer and where and whether to charge for materials
  • 2 Intermediate workshops were held; one in Region 2 and one in Region 5; 3rd one to be held on May 12th
  • Maria would like Training Committee to be able to meet during June meeting and present its needs to Council at that time







  • Trademark was submitted last week.  Application for logo will be submitted next week
  • Judi has been talking a lot with attorneys about unrelated business income (more later in Treasurer’s Report)
  • Signed contract for College Goal Sunday
  • Had discussions with HESC about their manual; Patti Ronan starting to work on a more comprehensive HESC TAP Manual




  • Presented first draft of Statement of Principles for Council to read and discuss later
  • Election for Council Officers  is on-going; please encourage fellow members; we have two contested races and two uncontested
  • Regional Council Representatives will email to regional list-servs to encourage members to vote
  • Dave thinks we need a broadcast statement (in addition to updating of Policy and Procedures manual) of changes in Development policy (he suggested that Council regional rep’s should use Council minutes to relay changes/updates at regional meetings).  He stated that EC rep’s need to emphasize the clarification that regional fundraising has never been allowed and that there are changes in development policy and in associate membership policy



STATE FAIR REPORT – Sharon Karwowski and Cathy Patella


  • Presented written proposal for State Fair organizers; need to make a commitment by May 12th .  Cost is $11000 for first 18 tables, than an additional cost per table (if we get 24 participants, it’d be $495/table; right now has 15 participants/tables committed)
  • Committee is proposing that NYSFAAA commit financially so that iw would only cost participants $500/table ; committee thinks more schools from around the State might opt to participate
  • MOTION:  That NYSFAAA pick up costs so that we will have a flat fee per table for State Fair event that is $500; McDonnell/Warren.  MOTION APPROVED.




  • Presented Balance Sheet and discussed
  • Presented Budget Overview; there are later-than-normal school counselor workshop bills coming
  • Joan pointed out that we may need to decrease revenue side of “DUES” as Conference 2006 registration is capped at 550
  • Review of annual audit; no material weaknesses.  First year of regional audits; Regions 1 and 2 were done last year.  Sam will meet with regional treasurers to share this information and advises Council regional rep’s to share this letter from auditors findings at regional meetings
  • Discussion on getting insurance policy clarified and getting all officers bonded
  • All regional checks should either be stamped or written “for deposit only”.
  • Any regional events that involve a fee should be run through “Events Management” so that check records can have associated event detail
  • Credit card usage update – some novice fees have been paid via card
  • Regional Treasury News – 3/31/06 quarterly reports have been received from Regions 3, 6 and 8.  General Regional Training funds of $800 have been sent to Regions 2, 3, and 7.  Support Staff Training of $1000 has been paid to Regions 1 and 7
  • Budget Update:  Sam would like budget requests by May 19th from Committee Chairs; gave forms to them to help them develop budgets
  • Conference 2005 Report – Sam wanted to clarify that there were some blatant inaccuracies in the final report for Conference 2005 and she is upset that the report was widely distributed before Council was able to review it.  For the record, statements in that final report that indicated that bills were paid late are untrue.  Sam had distributed instructions to the  2005 Conference Committee as to how to get invoices paid and wanted to clarify that no one was ever instructed to use their own money pay conference-related invoices.
    • Heather suggested that the Conference Report should’ve been distributed first to Council; Dave suggested that an attachment letter should be drafted to go with the Report
    • More discussion here on the final report for Conference 2005


MOTION:  That we accept report from Conference 2005 with the exception of Executive summary and the Executive summary be stricken from the report and that Dave Canaski will be charged with writing a letter explaining why the Executive Summary should be stricken from the Report.  Canaski/Warren.  MOTION APPROVED.





  • Presented a written summary to let Council know where she’s at with06-07 Sponsorship
  • Discussion on CAAN and FAFSA wrapper and whether we need to request sponsorship for such a specific category; instead we decided to rename CAAN and the FAFSA wrapper under “Early Awareness and Outreach”
  • Discussion on how regions get funding for regional events.  It was discussed and decided to add two categories to Sponsorship:
    • Regional meetings and Training; within this category, each region would have come up with a budget
    • Statewide Training


    • Discussion on sponsorship levels; platinum level is to be raised to $17000; Gold level will be raised to $10000-$16999 and silver level will be $5000-$9999.  Katrina will stress to lenders why levels are being raised




Wayne gave a verbal and written presentation of NYSFAAA’s planned involvement with this national program


CONFERENCE 2008 UPDATE  - Sharon Karwowski for Bill Cheetham


  • Currently we have a huge conflict with the Turning Stone; can’t get any definitive answers from management about issues with the State.  The 2008 Conference Co-Chairs want permission of Council to let Don Taylor look for conference facilities outside of Region 3.  They are not looking to break the contract with T.Stone yet; there’s a very good chance we would not be charged a penalty if we had to break the contract (per Judi). 
  • Don Taylor was supposed to have gotten some hotel research results to Judi this past Wednesday but she doesn’t have anything yet, although his research is well underway.  Judi had spoken with Don this past Monday.  He had identified the Adams Mark in Buffalo and 2 sites in Westchester County and 1 site on Long Island as sites that are one hotel that could accommodate our group size
  • Heather asked if we’re at the point that we need to assess what/how we do conferences; do we need to think about not offering meals?  Do we need to consider going to convention center sites and members sleep elsewhere:
  • Discussion ensued on whether to allow region to investigate alternate sites
  • MOTION:  That Council give Region 3 permission to explore a Plan B site with Don Taylor’s research and the region come back to Council with recommendations at the June meeting; Warren/Barlaam.
    • Friendly amendment to the motion:  Council is NOT giving approval at this time to cancel the contract with the Turning Stone.
    • Call to Question – vote- approved.  MOTION WITH AMENDMENT WAS APPROVED.


HESC UPDATE – Mike Williams


  • See attachment to minutes




  • Judi requested reports be submitted on-line to regional websites




  • The updated version was handed out in hardcopy and discussion took place on updates/changes.  Heather had a recommendation under Regional Treasurer Responsibilities.  Some number needed updating
  • MOTION:  To approve revisions as discussed; Canaski/Dodds.  MOTION APPROVED.
  • The Policies and Procedures Manual will be put on the website within next few weeks


OLD BUSINESS – there was none





1.      Proposal presented from Region 1 for funding for an Admissions Advisor workshop; they want to do a pilot workshop (to do a similar workshop as we do for school counselors, but do it for admissions counselors).  Cost would be $1795 for meals and total cost of $2040.  Discussion ensued.  Region 1 has not yet used their $800 general training funding.  They’re anticipating 75-100 attendees and want to do the training in June 2006.  Sam asked if rate will fluctuate based on number of attendees and Rachel thought it would.  Additional discussion pointed out that Region 1 has approximately $4000 in its treasury.

    • MOTION:  That we accept Region 1’s proposal for funding as written; McDonnell/Canaski.  MOTION DENIED. 




2.      Region 3 having issues with questionable consultants/financial planners.  It’s becoming problematic and belief is that this could be related to fewer CAAN activities.  Region 3 would like a statewide response/piece that could be given out to school counselors so they could judge good vs. bad consultants.  Heather mentioned FINAID.ORG has a good information section on judging reliability/reputation of consultants.  Sharon said in Region 3 these questionable people seemed to be targeting libraries.  It was suggested that Sharon put together something generic that can be put on NYSFAAA website and printed in a brochure.





    • Dave mentioned that he’s looking at organizing Committee Chairs for June meeting and pointed out that in drafting statement of Principles and Values of Aid Administrators he asked that we all read it and present our reaction to him.  He’s interested in structure of organization of various committees and committee overlap.

MOTION:  To adjourn; McDonnell/Canaski.  MOTION APPROVED.