JUNE 14-16, 2006


(official as of 9/14/06)




Present :  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Dave Canaski, Carolyn Corcoran, Katrina DelGrosso, Steve Dodds, Marilyn Faller, Wayne Harewood, Sharon Karwowski, Bill Mack,  Heather McDonnell, Janet McGrath, Judi Miladin, Cathy Patella, Betsy Penrose, Nancy Teodecki, Jim Vallee, Angela Van Dekker, Samantha Veeder, Mike Williams,  Brenda Wright


Unable To Attend:  Sheryl Mihopolus, Joan Warren


Member Guests: Bill Cheetham (6/16), Kathy Flaherty (6/17) , Jim Murphy (6/17), John View (6/16)

*WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2006*



SECRETARY’S REPORT – Carolyn Corcoran

·         April 2006 meeting minutes were distributed beforehand via email and reviewed for changes/corrections.  Minutes updated accordingly.

·         MOTION;  To approve minutes of 4/20-4/21, 2006 meeting; Dodds/Barlaam. 




  • Although unable to attend, Joan submitted a report to Council via email, illustrating total and regional membership figures from 1994 through 2005.  The report will be included with the official meeting minutes, on the website.



  • Falls under Judi’s impending role  as Past-President and Chair of Governance
  • Asked Betsy Penrose to come, as first step, to develop a mission statement and work on planning
  • Worked on draft of mission statement
  • Discussed how mission statement is a foundation of long-range planning and that we’re in need of new long-range plan; mission statement drafting will allow opportunity for input from all members; began work on drafting of mission statement


*THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2006*


2008 CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT – John View/Bill Cheetham

  • Still unresolved issue at Turning Stone; Region 3 explored alternate sites
  • Region 3 is recommending going to Adams Mark in Buffalo to avoid potential conflicts between state agencies and Turning Stone
  • In recent local hearings, Turning Stone refused to allow local officials to do fire code testing
  • Discussion ensued; Dave Canaski asked about space and security for vendors at Adams Mark, which was issue at prior conference in Buffalo; John View replied space could be allocated such as to provide adequate security for vendors
  • MOTION;  To accept Adams Mark Hotel for 2008 and 2009 conferences; McDonnell/Karwowski.
  • Discussion on going with Adams Mark for both years and cancellation of contract with Turning Stone.  Adams Mark has agreed to same room rate for both years; Angela voiced concern that going to Buffalo two years consecutively could affect count of downstate conference attendees; discussion of changing which region would host 2008 (possibly Region 5 could host ’08 instead of Region 3 and allow possibly allow resolution of state issues with Turning Stone); Dave indicated discomfort with making plans for ’09 as a lot depends on the long range plan (might we move to statewide conference committee).  Bill Cheetham voiced they’d want to check with Region 3 first
  • MOTION;   To cancel the 2008 contract with Turning Stone; Karwowski/Aldrich.  No discussion.  MOTION APPROVED.


  • MOTION; That Council authorize the President to sign a contract with Adams Mark for 2008; Karwowski/McDonnell.  MOTION APPROVED.


  • Judi asked if we want to consider signing a longer term contract with Adams Mark.  Heather expressed that they need a good facility to be able to convince Region 5 involvement in conference hosting.  Judi mentioned she’s still awaiting Don Taylor’s list of “second tier” hotel sites (those that could handle us with at least one overflow hotel); Sam asked if we shouldn’t consider if we’ll be moving to statewide conference committee; Heather suggested that Region 5 could choose to organize a statewide committee.  Dave voiced that there are a lot of issues involving the conference that may need to be changed.  Heather expressed that even though we may make changes to conference structure/organization, we still need a site and since adequate  sites are extremely limited, we need to focus on securing a facility


  • MOTION;    That we sign a 2nd contract with Adams Mark without a second year identified …..  MOTION WITHDRAWN BY KARWOWSKI as discussion continued.  Heather asked when Region 3 would need to sign ’08 contract with Adams Mark and Bill indicated they have until July 6, 2006.  Heather and Maria (Region 5) wanted some time to visit Saratoga to investigate what type of alternate sites might be available there


  • MOTION;   That we authorize Region 5 to investigate alternate sites for 2009 and make recommendations to Council;  Canaski/Dodds. MOTION WITHDRAWN BY CANASKI/DODDS


  • Heather suggested that Region 5 would be willing to back off until 2010 to allow Region 1 to host the 2009 conference, so as to allow the ability to sign two year contract with Adams Mark in Buffalo. 


  • MOTION;  Negotiate a contract with Adams Mark in Buffalo for 2008 and 2009 conferences; Veeder/McDonnell;  MOTION APPROVED.






  • Presentation/discussion on current status of investment accounts.  Rob asked for input/feedback on current investment philosophy and Judi and Dave both voiced that we would want to continue our current plan/philosophy.  Sam expressed that we need to have a discussion again soon about scholarship account and increasing again what we give out in annual scholarships.  Rob emphasized that he needs to know clearly when we plan to draw on the account.




  • Traveled to/Attended the following:  HESC Board Meeting, SUNYFAP Conference, EASFAA Conference, Tri-Regional Conference, Hosted Region 3 Meeting, Novice and EASFAA Exec Council meeting.
  • Worked with Don Taylor on hotel issues for conferences
  • Wrote newsletter articles for NYSFAAA Connection and EASFAA Newsletter
  • Assisted in Volunteer recruitment for College Goal Sunday/signed CGS contract
  • Had conference call with Conference Committee 2006 on program issues
  • Arranged for Betsy Penrose to lead discussion with Council on development of Mission Statement and Goals for use in the revision and updating of our Long Range Plan
  • Worked on Region 6 June meeting solicitation issues, including emails, phone calls, and consultation with attorney and auditor
  • Reminder that the President speaks for the Association
  • Announced that Marilyn Faller, the Treasurer-Elect, will be appointed Treasurer when Sam Veeder leaves Active Member status; this is earlier than anticipated as Sam is leaving Hobart 6/30/06
  • Worked with Development Committee in development of policies and procedures for use and distribution of regional meeting donations and clarification of use of list serve for advertisement of vendor-sponsored training
  • The Budget Committee has been formed and consists of Angela VanDekker, Heather McDonnell and Sue Aldrich, Exec Council representatives
    • MOTION;  Appoint Marilyn Faller as Treasurer, effective 7/1/2006 due to Samantha Veeder’s resignation from Hobart.  McDonnell/Karwowski;  MOTION APPROVED.
    • MOTION;  Make Development Chair a member of the Budget Committee and have that clarified/written into the Policies and Procedures Manual.  VanDekker/Barlaam.  MOTION APPROVED.


  • EASFAA Report
    • Leadership Training Module – Fall or Spring with 6 sites in NY (NASFAA in fall with EASFAA in spring); Maria will be in contact with NASFAA Training person to coordinate
    • Leadership Newsletter  - e-blast with chance to sign up
    • Conference for Niagara Falls in 2007 (hotel has 700 rooms); Portland is site for 2008 (with 525 rooms)
    • Electronic votes – ratify with documentation at next meeting (Roberts Rules has been updated to reflect that if we vote electronically, the vote needs to be ratified at next meeting with documentation)
    • HERA discussion
    • DL/FFEL Plus Loan issue prompted clarification that EASFAA President speaks for the Association as EASFAA’s Federal Relations Committee inadvertently made a public statement that EASFAA was endorsing making DL Plus rate same as FFEL rate and EASFAA President nor EASFAA Council had endorsed that so a retraction was made)




  • Training Committee recently held a successful meeting
  • They’ve reserved Jim Briggs for an additional week in February 2007 and have set up workshop sites for Albany, NYC, Syracuse, Long Island and possibly one site in a North Country/Vermont setting
  • Discussed EASFAA Training in spring at several sites around the state
  • Also trying for NASFAA Training in fall 2006 at six sites with focus  on Smart Grants
  • A leadership training two-day event in October 2006 is being planned
  • Discussed intermediate training possibilities with potential topic of Admissions/Fin Aid Crossover issues, diversity and Steve Morgan session


REGIONAL REPORTS – given verbally and to be posted to regional websites


  • Region 1 – Janet McGrath
    • Regional budget was submitted to the Treasurer
    • Summer meeting to be held June 28th
    • 2 School Counselor workshops scheduled in November 2006
    • Region expressed concern over Council’s denial of funding for joint Finaid/Admission Counselor training in June 2006; region is most excited about this popular, new event




  • Region 2 – Steve Dodds
    • Held Support Staff workshop on June 2nd; attendance down
    • Summer meeting joint with Region 3 on June 23rd
    • Officer elections had to be redone and are in process


  • Region 3 – Sharon Karwowski

§         Regional budget submitted to Treasurer

§         Support Staff workshop scheduled for October 24th

§         Next year’s meeting dates are set and are on calendar on website

§         School Counselor committee starting to meet

§         Doing June joint meeting with Region 2 and will have Steve Morgan presenting

§         Last regional meeting had extensive discussion on Conference 2008



  • Region 4 – Brenda Wright

§         Late April meeting at Fulton Montgomery CC; Jim Vallee did presentation on government relations

§         May meeting had to be canceled due to expected low turnout

§         Meeting at HVCC scheduled for June 23rd


  • Region 5 – Heather McDonnell
    • 18 members trained for Westchester Housing Development Council; these members can go out and do financial literacy training
    • Most recent region meeting held at Dutchess CC and included very successful presentation by Jim Vallee of Gov’t Relations Committee
    • Tri-Regional was successful
    • Meeting scheduled for June 23rd at The Mohawk with ½ day training from HESC on private loans; there will be discussion on region’s conference planning


  • Region 7 – Angela VanDekker for Sheryl  Mihopulos
    • Regions 6 and 7 have been doing a lot of joint activities/training
    • Intermediate training held on May 12th at Fordham


  • Region 6 – Angela VanDekker
    • Had April meeting at Baruch College with financial literacy/identity theft training
    • Region has a concern with change in membership policy that involves unemployed former members; they sent a proposal for change to policy; asking for possibly a 3 to 6 month grace period for currently unemployed former members.  Dave clarified that their request requires a change to the Constitution (a Constitutional amendment).  Constitutional amendments can be done.  Discussion on this ensued; Sharon asked if we know how many persons this affects
    • MOTION;  To move the Region 6 issue to the Membership Committee.  McDonnell/Karwowski.  MOTION APPROVED.
    • Region 6 has another issue that requires that Council go into Executive Session at end of today’s agenda


  • Region 8 – Sue Aldrich
    • Elections recently held and Kerry Lubold of SUNY Plattsburgh will be the new Exec Council representative, April Grant of Clarkson will be the new Regional Chair, Bonnie Evans of HESC the new Secretary and Sue Davis of Clarkson will stay on as regional Treasurer




  • Has been very active
  • Vendor sponsorship opportunities going out on website next week
  • Katrina has emailed statewide and regional list serves reminding vendors of important dates and stressing sponsorship opportunities are now on regional and statewide levels
  • Has been working with ATAC and keeping Sam informed of all contacts/workings with ATAC (“Paula from ATAC has been great”)
  • Platinum-level sponsors will get ½ page ad in conference ’06 program
  • Passed around the information that is about to go on website for sponsorship and asked all interested members of Council to review it
  • Angela asked about ‘in-kind’ support from lenders (such as doing mailings, doing training at regional meetings, etc.) and how this is to be viewed.  Judi indicated she has asked the Development Committee to take a look at those kind of activities and how/if they need to be monitored
  • Development Committee is comprised of Katrina (the current Committee Chair), the Treasurer is required to be a member, the Past-President (currently Anne Barton), Janet McGrath, Sheryl Mihopolus (Exec Council representatives from both upstate and downstate), and then Maureen Fagan is upstate vendor and Katrina needs to still name a downstate vendor to the committee
  • The committee has been charged by the President to come up with a report of findings for the September 2006 Council meeting (on vendor-related issues)




  • Presented 2005 Expenses by Region; came in under budget
  • Committee met at end of March 2006 and Pat presented a written recap of 2005 workshops
  • Committee wants regional workshop dates by 8/1/2006 and regional workshop budgets
  • There is no Region 6 School Counselor contact person/representative on the statewide committee; Angela told Pat that someone in the region has volunteered
  • School Counselor and Early Awareness Committees are working closely together with goal of combining message to middle-school counselors as well as high school counselors; they’re trying to exhibit at NY State School Counselor Conference  in late October 2006 at The Sagamore Resort


STATE FAIR UPDATE – Sharon Karwowski


  • Contracts have been signed and sent to State Fair
  • Sharon submitted budget to the Treasurer
  • Sharon asked about contact she received from Sallie Mae Charitable Fund and discussion took place- she will continue discussion with her committee and the committee will decide on involvement of Sallie Mae Fund
  • Sharon requested that Exec Council Reps contact their regions to see if anyone is interested helping man the booth at the Fair and to let Sharon know by July 15th




  • Is watching for rest of reauthorization which is going nowhere
  • House budget is squeezing through the House
  • Wants feedback from Council on visiting Washington again (in past year we joined with Tri-States for successful event but their leadership has changed so instead Jim suggested to EASFAA’s Government Relations co-chair that EASFAA organize a Washington visit).  Jim is wondering if we want a separate visit or do we want to partner with EASFAA; sentiment was we could/should do both.


Council Into Executive Session At This Point on Region 6 Issue


Council Back Into Regular Session Again: 


  • Angela VanDekker, Region 6 representative to Council expressed concern with President-Elect Dave Canaski’s emails to her region.
  • MOTION:  That the President-Elect be censured based on the email that was sent to Region 6.  Karwowski/Barlaam.  Discussion followed.  McDonnell requested vote by written ballot. Vote taken by written ballot.  MOTION APPROVED.



*FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2006*



President-Elect Dave Canaski Request to Address Council – Judi allowed Dave to address the Council, at which point the President-Elect made a public apology to the Association for his behavior/email to Region 6 membership.


MOTION: To impeach President-Elect Dave Canaski.  Canaski/Dodds.  Call to Question.  MOTION FAILED.


·         Distribution and discussion of Budget and Balance sheets

·         Sam will be cutting revenue checks soon for fiscal year end

·         Has received all quarterly reports from all regions through 3/31/06

·         It is especially important that she get all eight regional final quarterly reports to be able to turn over to the auditor

·         Review of Draft Budget from Budget Committee meeting of 6/15/06

·         Sam has only received regional budgets from Regions 1, 3 and 6

·         MOTION:  To approve proposed budget.  McDonnell/Wright.  MOTION APPROVED.

·         Sam also encouraged/emphasized to please send all expense reports in ASAP as it is end of year and Sam is leaving her role as treasurer


CONFERENCE 2007 REPORT -  Jim Murphy


  • To be held at Sheraton Towers in NYC
  • Conference committee does have question about budget;  Jim asked about profit of 2005 Conference and it was clarified that the “05 Conference made approximately $42000 yet Conference ’06 is budgeted to make a profit of $10000; Jim asked how much profit they’re targeted for and Judi indicated target/goal should be $20000
  • Judi and Katrina answered his questions concerning how vendor sponsor process will work
  • Jim listed the committee chairs for the conference and indicated that they do have some USED speakers lined up


CONFERENCE 2006 UPDATE – Sue Aldrich for Beth Turner


  • Vendor sponsorship list dates have been sent to vendors
  • Conference reminder postcards are in the mail to all current members
  • Regions 5 and 6 expressed on behalf of their regions the need for a bus to originate in the downstate area (vs. having 2 buses originate at Albany train station) and Carolyn Corcoran, Co-Chair of Transportation Committee will bring their ideas/concern back to the committee.  Carolyn did ask Exec Council reps. To email their members via regional list serve and ask about interest in riding bus to Conference


NOVICE UPDATE – Bill Mack for Lisa Simpson


  • Attendance was way up which they attribute primarily to the HESC Training Grant
  • There were some logistical issues at Cobleskill but they were dealt with
  • Bill and Lisa would like to return to Cobleskill
  • Issue is definitely space/attendee capacity; they’re considering opening up registration initially to active members and then to associate; Lisa and Bill are still considering ideas on the overcrowding issue
  • They felt the workshop went very well and the staff was great; they will need more help next year from members to staff the workshop
  • Judi offered a huge thank you to everyone involved in Novice




  • Carolyn Corcoran will be Region 8’s representative to the committee
  • Still in need of a member to represent Region 6
  • Having first meeting this Friday, June 23rd in Albany
  • Looking for high schools in Region 8 to hold event at
  • Sunday, February 12, 2007 is the event date




  • Not going to make a lot of changes in structure/organization of committee
  • Committee is comprised of Troy Martin (1), Mark Schwartz (2), Anne Barton (3), Joel Castiglione (4), Dan Sistarenik, (5), Fiona Approo (6), Sherwood Johnson (7), and Betsy Penrose (8).
  • Kathy will do an email blast to membership to alert all to start of nomination process
  • Deadline for nominations is July 15th
  • Kathy wondered whether an award can be given to a group of members and the answer was “yes”; both Heather and Maria remembered two different groups that had been given awards


HESC UPDATE – Mike Williams ----- will be attachment email with official minutes


  • Discussion on potential for TAP Professional Judgment is still being discussed in the legislature




  • MOTION;  To approve, effective with close of November 2006 Conference, the proposed changes to the Policies and Procedures Manual.  Canaski/McDonnell.
    • Discussion started on proposed restructuring of committees.  Angela requested a tabling of the motion; Dave expressed that in order to form committees and request chairs for committees, he needs to know if can go ahead; if we need to made changes between now and effective date of November 2006, he is open to that.  Heather and Sharon agreed that we need to move forward ASAP as document is living document, as expressed by Sue Aldrich, which means it can be amended at later date, if Council feels need.
    • Angela expressed concern that formerly there was a statement that expressed importance of diversity in appointment of statewide committee chairs and doesn’t see that expressed in revised text. 
      Dave indicated that Joan has also expressed that she felt appointment of statewide committee chairs needed to be better explained in the P&P Manual and Dave voiced he’d be willing to draft text to address both those issues/concerns for the September 2006 meeting for Council to review.
    • Discussion on other areas of proposed revisions to P&P Manual
    • Sharon suggested allowing enough time in September 2006 meeting agenda to allow sufficient discussion/action to many any necessary adjustments

MOTION APPROVED. (Canaski/McDonnell motion)


  • MOTION; To approve revisions to Statement of Principles/Governing Documents.  Canaski/Veeder.
    • More discussion.  Judi offered suggestion of taking the proposed changes to our regions for feedback/input.
    • Motion was tabled to the September 2006 Council meeting.





  • Judi asked Sam for update on process of getting officers bonded.  Sam has filled out some insurance forms and is awaiting an insurance rate quote.




  • Sharon asked about meeting dates for beyond  November 2006; Dave indicated that he didn’t have any dates finalized yet but would email Council with proposed dates for at least the December 2006 and February 2007 meetings
  • Sue Aldrich expressed recognition of Sam Veeder’s final Council meeting and gratefully acknowledged all that Sam had done as Treasurer/active member


MOTION;   To adjourn the meeting.  McDonnell/Dodds.  MOTION APPROVED.