NOVEMBER 7, 2006






Present:  Sue Aldrich, Maria Barlaam, Dave Canaski, Carolyn Corcoran, Katrina Del Grosso, Steve Dodds, Marilyn Faller, Sharon Karwowski, Kerry Lubold, Heather McDonnell, Janet McGrath, Sheryl Mihopolus, Judi Miladin, Nancy Teodecki, Angela Van Dekker, Joan Warren, Mike Williams, Brenda Wright



SECRETARY’S REPORT – Carolyn Corcoran

·        September 2006 meeting mintues were distributed beforehand via email and reviewed for changes/corrections.  Minutes update accordingly.

·        MOTION:  To approve minutes of September 2006 meeting; McDonnell/Dodds




·        Judi explained the proposal for funding of regional activities to cover this transitional year (this would be temporarily in place for this year).  The proposal would add an additional $10 per member for each region; if a regional treasury gets below $2500, the region can apply for more funds if they come back to Council with legitimate request.

Some background.... The total sponsored Regional activities amount is currently at $30,500.  We also have roughly 1400 members.  Increased revenue sharing has been mentioned as an alternative, however, there was concern that an across the board figure didn't allow for the variations in the price of doing business in the various Regions. We don't want Exec Council to be micro managing every Regional initiative. Also a concern to keep in mind is that we don't want to increase Marilyn's work load excessively with request for Regional funds.

With $30,500 sponsored, roughly $14,000 already planned in standard Revenue Sharing and the additional $16,000 available for Training and Support Staff (on request).  That makes $60,500 available for Regional events.  The 6 regional budgets that are submitted add up to just under $42,000. There are also balances in all of the Regional budgets to begin with (some of them rather sizable). So it would appear that we will have more than adequate funding for Regional activities.

Therefore, what we are proposing is raising revenue sharing by $10 to a total of $20 per member.  That would be roughly $14,000 of the Regional Events sponsorship total spread across the state on a per capita basis. This would be paid in November following the conference. Then the remaining $16,000 would be on a request basis when a Regional treasury falls below $2500. Then after the "evaluation year," the process would be reviewed. This seems to offer some ease for Marilyn, preserves significant Regional autonomy, yet provides for variations in Regional costs and Tri-Regional


·        MOTION: To accept transitional year regional funding proposal as explained; Canaski/Dodds. 

·        Some discussion.  MOTION APPROVED.



·        Steve Dodds, Brenda Wright and Marilyn Faller will attend this year’s NASFAA Leadership Conference; Judi will send in names to NASFAA


§        Marilyn mentioned that we have now have a B.J.’s Corporate card that the association owns.  Sue Aldrich will retrieve the card from B.J. Reville, who applied for the card in conjunction with this year’s Conference business.  Marilyn will take possession of the card.


§        EASFAA conference will be held in Niagara Falls, NY in May 2007; we need to think about what NYSFAAA wants to do for momento/give-away item.  Holly Z. is on EASFAA conference committee.  A few ideas were tossed out and it was decided that Heather McDonnell, Janet McGrath and Dave Canaski will make a decision and get back to EASFAA Committee


§        New membership application letter was received from Barry Fox.  Joan presented copy of the letter.  Discussion ensued.  Heather suggested grandfathering Barry Fox in but then having Council address the issue of membership clarification.


§         MOTION:  To accept Barry Fox’s application for membership for one year.   McDonnell/Mihopolus.

§         Motion amended to include that Barry Fox remove NYSFAAA name from his business communications.

§         More discussion.  School Counselor angst with consultants in Region 3 mentioned; Heather commented that regions need to be alert to consultants in their area.

§         Call the Question; McDonnell/Aldrich.  All in favor of calling the question. 




§         My Rich Uncle issue; week after September 2006 Council meeting, MRU tried to buy booth space at conference and register some members; Judi contacted them to clarify they’re not an approved organization so can’t vend at conference.  Joan sent them directions on how to apply for organization membership/recognition.  Joan has  gotten no response so will cancel the four (4) membership applications that have been pending.


§         Angela reminded that Council representatives were going to bring  Statement of Principles back to their respective regions for comment so that Council can have comments for the December Council meeting


Region 5 invites Council and Council meeting guests to their holiday luncheon at the Culinary Institute of America.


MOTION:  To adjourn the meeting; Canaski/Dodds.