DECEMBER 14-15, 2006





Council: Dave Canaski,  Marilyn Faller, Sharon Karwowski, Kerry Lubold, Andrea Mason, Heather McDonnell, Janet McGrath, Sheryl Mihopolus, Judi Miladin, Nancy Teodecki, Angela Van Dekker,  Brenda Wright  ( absent: Joan Warren, Maria Barlaam)


State Chairs: Debbie Evans, Jim Vallee, Doug Schaeffer, Jim Murphy, Linda Bridgewater, Karen Taylor, Christine Sears, Katrina Delgrosso, Ursula Bisconti, Mark Humbert


HESC: Patti Ronan Thompson, Brian Matthews


Guests: Patty Herbst, Jason Santora



Meeting Called to Order, 1:10 PM - Dave Canaski


Secretary’s Report-  Nancy Teodecki

Minutes of the November meeting at Lake Placid distributed prior to meeting. One correction made at meeting.

MOTION: To approve minutes of November 2006 council meeting with correction.

McDonnell/ Van Dekker. Motion approved.


Resignation of Region2 Representative, Steven Dodds- Dave Canaski

MOTION: To accept Andrea Mason as the new Region 2 council representative.

Canaski. Motion approved.


Training Session: Parliamentary Procedure and Robert’s Rule-  Heather McDonnell

Session outlined procedures, making motions; follow-up discussion by council.


Statement by President- Dave Canaski:

Workload concerns: continue to streamline, be more efficient with volunteer’s time.

Leadership philosophy: review documents- do they meet the way we now do business; management versus governance ( i.e. committees,  but keep ex-officio in the loop.)

Executive Council Budget/Procedures:  committee chairs responsible for their budget; President & Treasurer oversee, review and make suggestions for executive council items as ‘where do things go’; in response to attack on our industry, procedures will assist us in addressing the ‘political scrutiny’.



President’s Report: Dave Canaski



Committees reporting to President:


Governance Committee- Judi Miladin

NYSFAAA is a charitable, volunteer professional association that promotes access to post secondary education for all students and conducts professional development and networking opportunities for its members and colleagues in related educational professions.


Scholarship Committee- Debbie Evans

No report received.


Government Relations- Jim Vallee/ Christine Sears


Treasurer’s Report- Marilyn Faller





Committees reporting to Treasurer:


Development Committee- Katrina Delgrosso


Finance and Budget- Brenda Wright



Professional Ethics and Standards Committee- Doug Schaeffer

First Vice President’s Report- Joan Warren (reported by Dave in Joan’s absence)


Committees reporting to First Vice President:

Membership Committee & Mentoring Committee- no reports

Awards Committee – Kathy Flaherty ( report read by Dave)


Second Vice President- Maria Barlaam (reported by Heather in Maria’s absence)

Committees reporting to Second Vice President:

Professional Development Committee

Novice Training Committee

Conference 2007 – Jim Murphy (reporting tomorrow)

Council Discussion: re- EASFAA training in Committee report.: J. Miladin asked  that we  Refer back to the Professional Development Committee: what is the recommendation for our level of involvement?  Issues: concerns on the deadline date (12/22) to decide if we wish to participate; Fall workshop- logistics, concern with EASFAA turnaround time and communication.. H. McDonnell suggested that we not participant in the Spring workshop.

Secretary’s Report- Nancy Teodecki

Committees reporting to Secretary:

Communications/ Website Committee:


Webletter: Laura Worley (reported by Nancy)


Communications: Ideta Daniel (reported by Nancy)

Working with The Legislative Gazette for NYSFAAA's  Special Report to be published in the February 5th issue.  Some tentative topics: The future of Higher Education for low-income students, With the new Congress what will be the effect on Higher Education, 2006 Scholarship Winners, Highlights from Annual Conference, Loan Consolidation While Enrolled in School – It Could Still Happen, Thank you to the Legislators for STEP Increase, HERA NegReg Areas of Interest for the Graduate and Professional Community. 


Questions for council

1:   Would like to do an online survey to the membership using an online tool such as “SurveyMonkey” http://www.surveymonkey.com/ to solicit feedback on how they use the website and what ideas they may have for improvement. Do you feel it’s worthwhile? (Council said “yes”)

 2:  Could each of the Regional chairs secure a picture for those that are missing one on the website?



High School Outreach:  Karen Taylor & Linda Bridgewater

·        Discussion with Pat Johnson in late October on School Counselor Workshops; what has worked well in the past, what has not, and concerns going forward. 

·        Conference call 11/28 with N. Teodecki; following items were discussed:

1- Investigating the development of two databases to be added to the NYSFAAA website.  One would be a list of Financial Aid Nights to be held across the state (introduced idea at the Region III school counselor workshop; well received by the counselors).  The second database would be an interactive listing of all school counselors in the state.  The idea would be for school counselors to log into the NYSFAAA website and update or add information.  Enables the chair of the School Counselor Workshop sub-committee to get information out to the high schools much earlier.


2- Linda working with Ken Storms and Wayne Harwood on College Goal Sunday subcommittee.


3- Karen took the updated draft of the Financial Aid Consultants brochure that Sharon Karwowski & Anne Barton provided, and updated and re-structured the format.  New title:  What You Need to Know About:  Using College Planning Services and Consultants.  Copies distributed to Exec. Council members for any additional suggestions.  The brochure is going to print December 21, 2006; comments need to be sent to Karen before December 20, 2006  for consideration.


4- CAAN - Linda and Karen have decided not to change anything until after the activities for the current year have been completed. Joint letter put out by NYSFAAA and HESC (the CAAN letter) updated and  will be sent very early in January.  Financial Aid Fact Sheet updated which will be included with the CAAN letter mailing along with the Student Financial Aid Wall Chart and the ‘Using College Planning Services and Consultants’ brochure.


5- Final report on High School Workshops to be given at February meeting.


           Subcommittee: College Goal Sunday- Ken Storm’s report read by Nancy



Early Awareness: Cathy Patella & Anne Barton (report read by Nancy)


            Subcommittee: Gear-up- Cathy Patella


Regional Reports: Due to time constraints at meeting, regional reports were forwarded to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes:

Region 1- Janet McGrath


Region 2- Andrea Mason


Region 3 – Sharon Karwowski


Region 4- no report received


Region 5-  Heather McDonnell

·        Only activity was 2 guidance counselor workshops that are reported by the GC.


Region 6- Angela Van Dekker



Region 7- Sheryl Mihopolus



Region 8- Kerry Lubold



HESC LIASION REPORTPatti Ronan Thompson and Brian Matthews

·        New TAP reporting requirements- new state law requires an annual report to governor & legislature by February 2007. Report will include the number of students: receiving TAP in each term, granted waivers by their institution, decertified for not meeting good academic standards; also will include credits earned by recipients. HESC will need to collect data from schools for credits earned. School will receive file during the week of 12/18 of their undergrads certified for each term of the prior year. 

·        Recent webcast had technical difficulties so reverted to conference call which was successful.

·        Jeremy Weiss hired to work on TAP manual. Jeremy will invite members to participant in a focus group in early 2007 for input on manual. Dave requested that this be sent to him so he can send out to list.

·        Governor- elect E. Spitzer has met with the HESC Budget Representatives

·        At the conclusion of this report, a presentation was made to Judi Miladin by Brian Matthews on behalf of HESC for her years of service to the corporation during her presidency.


Meeting recessed at 5:30




Meeting reconvened and called to order by D. Canaski , 12/15  8:35 AM


ITEM: Kids to College

Dave’s discussion with SallieMae Fund; voiced concern with taking on another major project.

MOTION:  to refer to the Early Awareness Committee for review & recommendations as to our level of involvement. McDonnell/Karwowski. MOTION approved unanimously.



ITEM: Recommendations of Ethics/Standards Committee:


Committee’s Goal: make recommendations that would allow for transparency in the relationship that is shared between NYSFAAA and member partners in the industry with regard to how funds are generated allocated and ultimately spent.

1- Finance and Budget Committee Recommendations:

MOTION: To Accept Recommendations of the Ethics Committee with regards to the Finance and Budget Committee. Faller/Wright.

Discussion: Does it fit our needs financially?  Report classified revenue into 2 categories, operating & donated, and committee functions as administrative or missions driven.

TABLE MOTION : To refer these recommendations to Finance Committee to review.

McDonnell/Van Dekker.


TABLE MOTION unanimously approved. Note to Regions-  if there is a member in your region to assist on finance committee, contact Brenda Wright .


2- Conference Committee Recommendations:

Discussion on items, in particular bullet  #5 (NYSFAAA acting as intermediary in purchase of gifts, drink vouchers, etc). Recommendations may be too prescriptive versus global and questions on how to police.

Refer these items to Conference 2007 for discussion and possible implementation for 2007, or future conference committees.



ITEM: Redesign of Budget to Align with New Committee Structure/Committee Recommendations:

MOTION: $2500 budget to Ethics Committee (currently no budget had been

designated) Faller/Wright .  MOTION unanimously approved.



ITEM: Statement of Principles/Mission Statement/Values Statement

MOTION:  To charge the Governance Committee to develop a mission statement and statement of principles; to proceed with the development of a new long range plan; and to subsequently review of all of our governing documents to ensure congruence with our mission.  Miladin/Karwowski

Discussion: committee consists of all past presidents. Suggested for younger member participants. Committee had already discussed this idea; take to regions for further discussion.


VOTE on MOTION - 6 ayes, 4 opposed, 1 abstained. MOTION  APPROVED




ITEM: Creation of Diversity Committee- Reconsideration of Council Action at Sept meeting

H. McDonell stated that she voted on a motion, and later upon review of the motion in the minutes, realized she casted her voted incorrectly.

MOTION: to reconsider our motion at the September meeting;  motion was “That Diversity Committee be reconstituted and added to the responsibilities of the 1st Vice President”. McDonnell/ Faller

TABLE MOTION: Miladin/Karwowski. Since Joan is not present, table until Joan can be part of the discussion and provide language for the committee.




VOTE ON MOTION to reconsider the Sept motion: 6 Aye, 5 Opposed. MOTION DEFEATED (need ‘majority’  vote on ‘reconsider motions’) . Therefore the motion at the September meeting, “That Diversity Committee be reconstituted and added to the responsibilities of the 1st Vice President”, stands approved.



MOTION : For Dave and Marilyn to be the authorized signers on our SmithBarney accounts. McDonnell/Miladin. MOTION unanimously approved.

Conference 2007: Jim Murphy

·        Program sessions will be designated into categories to assist participants with selections. Possible speaker Governor-elect E. Spitzer. Discussion will occur at their January meeting on possible increase of Registration and Booth fees.