February 5, 2007

Albany, NY




Council: Dave Canaski, Mark Humbert (representing region 3 ), Kerry Lubold, Andrea Mason, Heather McDonnell, Janet McGrath, Sheryl Mihopolus, Judi Miladin, Nancy Teodecki, Angela Van Dekker,  Brenda Wright  ( absent :Maria Barlaam,  Marilyn Faller, Sharon Karwowski)

State Chairs:  Jim Vallee,  Linda Bridgewater, Karen Taylor, Christine Sears, Katrina Delgrosso, Claire Jacobi, Patricia Johnson, Bill Mack, Beth Turner


HESC liaison:  Mike Williams


Guests: Warren Hoffman, Mark Schwartz


Meeting Called to Order, 1:08 PM - Dave Canaski

Motion to waive reading of the minutes. H. McDonnell/A. Mason. MOTION APPROVED


Secretary’s Report-  Nancy Teodecki

Minutes of the December meeting distributed prior to meeting and corrections received prior to meeting.

MOTION: To approve minutes of  December  2006 council meeting with corrections.

McDonnell/ Humbert. Motion approved.



President’s Report: Dave Canaski


Treasurer’s  Report: Marilyn Faller



1st VP- Joan Warren

Membership – total membership 1309. Outstanding payment issues:  mass e-mail reminders sent for all ‘non-renewed previous members’.


2nd VP- Maria Baarlam--reported by H. McDonnell




Secretary’s Report- Nancy Teodecki

Early Awareness- (reported by Nancy)


 High School Outreach-  Karen Taylor, Co-chair

 Communications/Website-  (report read by Nancy)

·        The NYSFAAA Special Report page in the February 5th issue of The Legislative Gazette is set to go.  Copies will be delivered to council at the meeting.

·        Working with Brian Ghanoo from Region VI on a "New York Statewide Default Prevention Project" page for the website.  It's now in the testing phase, and Brian and his "Advisory Team" are currently reviewing it.  He scheduled a conference call (Jan 31)  with Jeff Baker of the Department of Education to discussion a few options.  Two questions posed :  whether the new default products and services webpage will be updateable later ( response –YES)  and  whether the calendar function at the NYSFAAA website could include a unique color/event title for "student success/default prevention" (response: The online calendar is restricted to 5 categories. Right now they are  Administrative, Events, Meetings, Region, Other. Dave will review further with Brian)

·        Along with major updates,  there are lots of little things on the site that need updating (example-student scholarship application is 05/06) . Direction needed for responsibility and flow of information- State Chairs , Officer in charge of Website Committee or Website chair? (council agreed that state chairs should be responsible)

·        Regional postings: Would each region review their regional site information  under ‘Notes/Report Index’  page to take a look and remove the out- dated information. If there is something there that they would like archived, notify Ideta.



Guidance Counselor Workshops- Patricia Johnson

Pat gave the final 2006 Fall Guidance Counselor Workshop report. Overall good evaluations. There are some discrepancies in the Treasurer’s report versus her report but she’ll contact Marilyn to resolve. She thanked council for the opportunity to serve for the past several years and will continue to assist with this workshop on the regional level


Regional Reports:


Region 1:  Janet McGrath


Region 2:  Andrea Mason



Region 3:  Sharon Karwowski (presented by Mark Humbert)

           • What happened to membership cards and pins? Mission statement could be on                  

              the back of the membership card. 

Region 4:  Brenda Wright

Region 5: Heather McDonnell


Region 6: Angela VanDekker

·        Tri Regional committee progressing:Tri Regional will be in May either at NYU or Fordham (most likely at NYU).Representatives from all three regions, new members involved. Concerns on budget-  $3,000 is not sufficient.

Region 7:  Sheryl Mihopolus

·        Upcoming Events: Region 7’s Tax Workshop, 2/13/07 at Molloy College.   Financial Aid 101 for non-financial aid personnel – registrars, admissions, and bursar,  March 2 at Bank of America site in Farmingdale.


Region 8: Kerry Lubold

Our region hasn’t met since last council meeting. Our next region meeting is on March 2nd at Clarkson University.


HESC report: Mike Williams



Conference 2006 Final Report - Beth Turner, chair


Conference 2007- Claire Jacobi

Discussed the 4 tracks of the program. Conference rate of rooms $209. Would like executive council to book their own rooms; was agreed to by council. Council suggested that the room availability be presented to council the day before the availability presented to general membership. Claire and Katrina will further discuss the details for sponsorship.Committee requesting a registration fee  increase.

MOTION: to increase the registration fee to $285.  McDonnell/Humbert.


MOTION: to accept the 2007 Conference budget. Mihopolus/McDonnell.




SUNYFAP Open Forum – Warren Hoffman, Mark Schwartz

NYSFAAA/SUNYFAP cooperative ventures . Purpose of discussion- to brainstorm and articulate ways in which these two organizations that share our members common goals,  pool talent and resources to create training and other programs that will benefit our memberships.  Brief history of SUNYFAP was given to council. Discussion on what type of training is needed/ sharing costs, how to enhance/promote volunteerism.

Ideas: Preparing current members to move-up (resume/interviewing skills), What you need to know about becoming a Director, promote networking, how to reach the younger generation/getting folks involved, establish joint fall training with SUNYFAP rather than with EASFAA.



Agenda Items: Mission Statement- Judi Miladin

Revised Mission statement sent prior to meeting. To be used broadly in publications and internally along with Statement of Purpose.

“NYSFAAA is a charitable, volunteer association of financial aid professionals advocating for, and promoting equal access to post secondary education for all students. NYSFAAA offers education, professional development, and networking opportunities for its members and for colleagues in related education, business, and governmental profession.”


MOTION: To accept the revised Mission Statement. Miladin/Humbert.



Long Range Plan- Judi Miladin

Each region to nominate at least 2 people for committee and names given to Judi no later that March 8th ; budget $21,934 to complete plan. Will be presented at Fall conference

MOTION: To accept Irv Bodofsky’s recommendations and adopt the $21,934 budget for the Long Range Plan. Miladin/Humbert.  MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.


Agenda Item: Diversity Committee- Joan Warren

Proposed language distributed prior to meeting.

Purpose: (A) To encourage and support the active involvement and professional development of members from under-represented groups in the Association, and to assist these members in growth toward leadership positions within the Association. (B) To collaborate with other standing committees to ensure that the Association’s outreach activities reflects the diverse membership and under-served communities. (C) To ensure that the Association reflects the diverse membership, geographic regions, institutions, and students we serve in all aspects of the governance and activities of said organization.


 1- Work with Region Chairs & Regional Membership Chairs to identify under-represented groups within the region.

2- Develop outreach strategies to inform target groups about NYSFAAA activities and membership benefits.

3- Review demographic make-up of all NYSFAAA committees and make recommendations to the President/Committee Chairs for potential committee appointees that will enhance diversity

4- Collaborate with Government Relations Committee on diversity related issues.

5- Assist the Early Awareness and High School Relations Committees in identifying and reaching out to diverse and under-served communities.

6- Work with Conference Committee on developing diversity-related session.

MOTION: To amend the Policy and Procedure Manual as proposed. Warren/McDonnell.

Discussion: concerns on section B & C and #3 with regards to ‘how does a volunteer organization ‘ensure’ balance is met’; compromises President’s and Chair’s recruitment efforts.

MOTION to TABLE MOTION. Wright/McDonnell. 5 Ayes, 5 Opposed .



Friendly Amendment offered by Angel VanDekker

Revise ‘B’ under purpose to: To collaborate with other standing committees to assist the Association in reaching out to facilitate diversity and representation from under served communities.

And revise under Duties, number 3 to:  Review demographic make-up of NYSFAAA committees and provide assistance and possible suggestions to the President/Committee Chairs for potential committee appointees which will enhance diversity.

MOTION To ACCEPT Friendly Amendment to original motion . Warren/McDonnell

5 Ayes, 5 Opposed. President voted to break tie.



Dave will ask Joan to form committee to re-visit language for further discussion.



MOTION TO ADJOURN MEETING at 5:20 .  Teodecki/Humbert


Training after meeting for those council members meeting with legislators on Tuesday, Feb 6th. Jim Vallee and Dave Canaski provided the ‘Forum’ information packet and the NYSFAAA position paper.