APRIL 24, 2007

Via Conference Call




Council: David Canaski, Nancy Teodecki, Judi Miladin, Marilyn Faller, Andrea Mason, Janet McGrath, , Kerry Lubold, Heather McDonnell,  Angela Van Dekker. 


Absent: Maria Barlaam, Sharon Karwowski, Sheryl Mihopulos,  Brenda Wright


Guest: Steve Dwire (proxy  for Region 4) 



Meeting convened at 4:30.



Dave updated us on his meeting in Albany on 4/23 with regards to his testimony, his discussion with our counsel, and his meetings with legislative representatives. Counsel did advise that a lobbyist be hired to assist with our efforts after the SLATE bill is passed.


Discussion: legality due to our constitution clause on lobbying. (Article IV, Section 2: “The Association  shall not devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities to (a) attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or other means; …”

Our Counsel’s feedback is that we have been in existence for 39 years and an ‘insubstantial’ amount of lobbying time is allowed since we have not lobbied in the past ; the time spent lobbying after the bill passes would be nominal.


MOTION:  To hire lobbyist based on the recommendation of our lawyer. McDonnell/Mason.  MOTION Approved Unanimously .



Region 1: funding is needed to supplement their regional funds for the Admissions Counselor workshop in June.

MOTION: Region 1  requests $2512.50 for the June Admissions Counselor Workshop. McGrath/McDonnell. MOTION Approved Unanimously .



Update by Dave on current budget line for Executive Council. With the addition of the AdHoc Committee, Next Generation, we will overspend this line.




Executive Session held.


Meeting adjourned at 5:10.