Region VIII Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2007

Clarkson University Cheel Center



1.      December 2006 Meeting Minutes:  Motion to approve minutes made by K.Cooper; seconded by S.Aldrich.  Motion/Minutes approved.


2.  Treasurer’s Report: we have a $2700 balance after conference bills paid and all other outstanding bills have been covered


3.  HESC UPDATE :  Marc Woolf did the update and presented HESC handout.  HESC Loan Symposium to be held September 19th and 20th at Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs; new HESC toll-free number for aid professionals is (866)431-HESC


4.  MEMBERSHIP Update – we have 107 regional members for 06-07 year.  Of that, 52 are active and 65 are associate; this is an increase of 10 members from 05-06


5.  Development Update – none for today


6.  Exec Council Update given by Kerry Lubold:  Council last met in February 2007 in Albany.  Beth Turner presented final Conference 2006 Report and it was accepted by Council.  Appreciation was given to HESC for Conference 2006 support.  There will be joint ventures meeting for SUNYFAP and NYSFAAA and there was discussion by Council on status of Diversity Committee.  Council voted to not move forward with an assigned charge for the Committee; if members have ideas for a charge for the Diversity Committee, let Kerry Lubold know.  Kerry asked if anyone was having regional list-serve problems/issues.  Kerry also inquired as to whether anyone was interested in being a web liaison

·        At this point we got into a discussion on various NYSFAAA statewide committees as someone raised status of regional participation in College Goal Sunday.    Carolyn mentioned that she is Region 8 representative to CGS Statewide Committee and that she will contact Wayne Harewood (Statewide Committee Co-Chair, along with Ken Storms of HESC) to get  in on planning for the CGS 2009 event (CC volunteered to be Reg 8 rep. in June 2006 which was too late to get in on 2007 event planning).  The 2007 CGS Event did conflict with SUNY Financial Aid Day.

·        Nicole Adner is Region 8 representative on statewide committee for Strategic Long Range Planning

·        Kerry Lubold explained the “Under 40” Committee is moving forward; Dan Dunn and Charlie Boland are on the committee and B.J. Reville and Steve Conger are Region 8’s representatives to the committee

At this point Kerry Lubold asked if anyone had an issue to be brought to the June 2007 Council meeting.  Nothing surfaced at this point and Kerry asked members to contact her if an issue surfaced.  Kerry also explained that EC Regional Rep. position is open.  She would like to continue but is unsure if could afford to if can’t be reimbursed for travel under current questionable Slate guidelines.  At this point there was discussion on who our Elections person is; April will double-check with Betsy Penrose to see if she is doing Regional Elections duties.


7.  SCHOOL COUNSELOR WORKSHOP UPDATE – both workshops went well last year but had limited college aid officer involvement.  Right now we’re at a standstill as far as site selection due to financial support clarification that is needed.  Kerry Lubold said region will be reaching out soon for support from college aid staff


8.  TRAINING Update – Pat Farmer not present so no formal update; it was announced that NASFAA Web training is on-going


9.  LENDER Updates – USAF has web cast training going on; NSLP also has web cast training.  It was announced that Amy Sipher has resigned her position at Sallie Mae.


10.  Web-letter Submissions – April asked if anyone had updates for the Web Letter.  She asked if anyone had any to please submit to April or Amanda Cosgro (Regional Secretary).


11.  Slate Discussion – Joe Martincovic read Dave Canaski’s email from this morning on “revised” Slate bill and quoted “bill is far better than we could have dreamed of just a few days ago”.  Sounds like NYSFAAA will be able to survive and operate.  Once the bill is passed, State Ed. Department will be charged with putting regulations into effect.  Kerrie Cooper summarized how SUNYFAP Conference was impacted; she said “it cost us”. 


12.  Discussion on Regional Holiday Event for December 2007; tentative date is Friday, December 7th.  We need to plan the event with NO NYSFAAA funding.  Anne Barton volunteered to coordinate.  We decided will definitely do a contribution, as in past years to local needy families.


13.  Financial Literacy discussion/roundtable – we agreed that training is necessary for our students (some schools are forbidden by their administrations from having lenders present).  The challenge is to get students to attend!   The suggestion was made to have financial literacy training as part of our regional meetings and let lenders do the training.  Those present thought this was a good idea.  Anne Barton suggested doing an email on regional list-serve that lists various topics we’re interested in having addressed within next year and asking for volunteers to present.


We also had a discussion at this point of meeting more frequently through out the year to incorporate financial literacy training and most of members present felt this was agreeable.



·        Friday, September 14 @ SUNY Canton

·        Friday, October 26th  @ SUNY Potsdam

·        Friday, December 7th @ site in Lake Placid to be determined