June 13-15, 2007

Uniondale, NY




Council: Dave Canaski, Sharon Karwowski, Kerry Lubold, Andrea Mason, Heather McDonnell, Sheryl Mihopolus, Judi Miladin, Nancy Teodecki, Angela VanDekker, Brenda Wright, Marilyn Faller.  ( absent:  Maria Barlaam, Janet McGrath)


State Chairs:  Linda Bridgewater, Karen Taylor, Katrina Delgrosso, Claire Jacobi ,Wayne Harewood , Anne Barton , Irvin Bodofsky , Howard Leslie, Deborah Evans, Lisa Simpson , Ursula Bisconti, Chris Constable, Anna Kopot, Tanya Patterson-Stanley.


HESC liaison:  Jennifer Dwire




Meeting Called to Order, 1:10 PM - Dave Canaski

Motion to waive reading of the minutes. H. McDonnell/J. Miladin.


Secretary’s Report-  Nancy Teodecki

Minutes of the February meeting and conference call meetings in April and May were distributed prior to meeting. No corrections received.

MOTION: To approve minutes of  February, April and May meetings.

 H. McDonnell/J. Miladin.  Motion approved.


Open Forum Discussion on Situation and Planning:

President’s Update :  SLATE issue of NYSFAAA accepting funds from lenders.

Discussion with attorneys and lobbyist- OK to accept money from lenders which are not for educational loan activities, i.e. for our charitable mission- training, scholarships. However, question remains on the exhibit tables. Sunshine Act- some budget issues are cutting lender’s yield and movement toward a ban on incentives and discounts. Bottom line- funding may be reduced from lenders. For Conference 2007 a third party, HESC, will handle arrangements for exhibit room and collect fee from vendors so that no funding is accepted by NYSFAAA. Silent Auction may be OK.

SED will be responsible for writing regulations regarding SLATE effective 180 within days of Governor signing bill (11/30/2006). SUNY has negotiated that any place their agreement is more restrictive than Slate, Slate will apply. Other schools who signed before SLATE should consider renegotiating.


What are campuses doing to help educate collegiate on campus, students/parents?

Suggestion to hold a SUMMIT with SED with a group of FAOs for outreach purposes- to give guidance and our knowledge base.


Next Generation Committee- Co- Chairs: Anna Kopit, Chris Constable, Tanya Patterson-Stanley


Long Range Planning Committee- Irvin Bodofsky

                   training, regulatory changes/compliance, annual conference, regional meetings,

                   communication about changes cooperation with NASFAA and EASFAA, website,

                   cooperation with admission, bursar and related professions.

§        ‘Depend on NYSFAAA’ for professional training and legislative updates was ranked highly.



Adjourned for the day at 5:10PM


Call to order at 9:18 AM- Canaski


President’s Report: Dave Canaski


Governance Committee: Judi Miladin


Government Relations Committee: Jim Vallee/ Christine Sears- reported by Wayne Harewood


Scholarship Committee: Deborah Evans


Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn Faller

o  Treasurers should not pay faxed invoices or expense reports. 

o  All Treasurers should be photocopying checks before depositing them.

o  State Treasurer should audit one or two regional treasuries per year.

o  Our auditors (Alcara & Borczynksi) volunteered to archive our Treasury records.  Currently all records are shipped to NYHESC for retention, but we have no access to them there and are unsure of the security of the records.  Also our auditors would purge records appropriately based on IRS retention guidelines.  There would be no charge for this service.


 MOTION: To remove the word ‘Ex-Officio” after ‘Regional Treasurer’s…’ from the definition of ‘Membership’ section in the Finance and Budget Committee Policy and Procedure. Van Dekker/McDonnell. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.


Professional Standards and Ethics Committee- Leslie Howard, Co-Chair

            forth the regional meeting discussions.


Development Committee- Katrina DelGrosso





1st VP- Brenda Wright


·        Paying dues by credit card has been discontinued on the web as well as the advertisements. However, still receiving checks from schools versus personal checks.

·        Received dues for an Associate Member from “I Have A Dream”. This employer is not on the ‘acceptable list’. Discussion - it is a Foundation.

Motion: To accept ‘I Have A Dream’ as an acceptable employer.  McDonnell/Van Dekker.  MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY


            Since redesigning web is up for discussion, this can be added to the ‘wish’ list.


Mentoring Committee- Chair has resigned due to work issues. Dave is searching for replacement.


Awards Committee:



Discussion on Membership Dues- with revenue issues this year, and dues have not been increased for many years, it is time to consider an increase as other professional associations have done.

MOTION: To increase the primary annual dues for Active and Associate members to $50, and $20 for each additional region. Lubold/Van Dekker. Question during discussion on retirees dues amount.

FRIENDLY AMENDMENT:  To exclude retirees from the increase. Lubold/accepted by VanDekker.  MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.


Discussion - members who have already paid 2007/08

MOTION: Grandfather those who have already invoiced for 2007/08 at the current rate. Miladin/ Mihopolus. APPROVED- 9, ABSTAINED- 1. MOTION CARRIES.


2nd VP- Maria Barlaam (chairs reported in her absence) —

Professional Development Committee: Ursula Bisconti

·        Discussion from council on the work that regions/schools are doing for these workshops There should be a member of each region on the committee; this committee would need to put something in place to orchestrate the training, rather than delegating it to either the regional officers or to the staff at the host school. (similar to the tri-regional model).


Novice Training Committee- Lisa Simpson

·        89 participants, 14 staff. Costs were $580 which included membership. Final report will be given at September meeting.

·        Every 2 years committee goes out with bid for site. Will send out over the summer. May need to review cutting one day as was done this year; with no breaks, it was too intense to be fully productive the entire length of the workshop.


Conference 2008 Committee-_ Sharon reporting for J. View and B. Cheetham


Secretary’s Report- Nancy Teodecki


Website: Ideta Daniel (report read by Nancy)

Member Survey (103 respondents) Highlights:

·        Majority visit website for general information, regional news. Rated website “FAIR”.

·         Comments: hard to navigate through the information/find information, signing up for regional listservs difficult, more effective use of homepage, such as, highlight activities.

 ATAC has updates if we wish to institute:

·        Updated online membership database and payment system; automatically subscribe members to listservs which would include regional lists; posting minutes as a ‘doc or pdf’  file; SAFARI- Student Awareness Financial Aid Resource Initiative for outreach to High Schools, Middle Schools, etc., to enable submission of events; Event Session arrangement- multiple committee members could work collectively on event session agendas.

·        Cost of update $1125 and downtime of site for several days. Given the survey comments would also incorporate other changes at the same time. Will request cost from ATAC and the timing of the downtime for all changes/implementation. Estimated costs for all changes have been factored in the 2007/08 budget request.


After hearing proposed changes council agreed to move forward with the changes.

Webletter: Laura Worley (written report received shortly after meeting):

·        3 editions of the Webletter Connection in a given fiscal year:  Winter Edition, Spring/Summer Edition, and Fall Edition. Each issue has approximately 6-7 articles, a letter from the NYSFAAA President and a section called “Members on the move” to highlight the accomplishments (hires, promotions, retirements) of the membership.  This year we had three lender sponsors in the Fall and Winter editions of the webletter.

·        One rule applies to all articles and submissions- they must be informational in nature and not promotional.  Articles not in keeping with this mantra are returned with a gracious ‘thank you’ and explanation of policy. 

·        While efforts to have a webletter contact within each region have been attempted, information and articles through this stream have not materialized.   As Editor, I announce on the listserv the need for articles and regional news one month prior to submission deadline and then again two weeks later, and then one week prior to deadline.  Lenders/vendors submissions are always plentiful with their articles, while the active membership is sparse.


Early Awareness-  Anne Barton, Cathy Patella co-chairs (Anne reported)


State Fair - Sharon Karwowski


 High School Outreach-  Karen Taylor, Linda Bridgewater, Co-chairs

             NYSFAAA website to allow school counselors to register for the workshops on-line and listing                          

             the workshops for 2007).  Since there is a cost associated with updating our website to allow for

             Registration we decided to remove this as a budget request which helped reduce our overall

             budget.  However, it is our understanding that this has been added as part of the budget request       

             from the Communication/Web Committee. 


College Goal Sunday- L. Bridgewater

·        National final report will be forwarded.

·        For year 2: $22,000 left from year 1 + $50,000 from foundation = $72,000

           Year 3: $35,000 from foundation

           Year 4: on our own for funding.

·        Council questioned how sites are picked. Linda responded that the Task Force picks based on FAFSA/TAP application data and choose those areas with the lowest average incomes along with the highest rates of paper FAFSA/TAP applications. Further discussion from council: ideas needed on ‘how to target site’; coordinating advertising/guidance community; recruiting volunteers at conference- table/pictures, show how successful it was, possible video at lunch.


Regional Reports:


Region 1:  no report


Region 2:  Andrea Mason


Region 3:  Sharon Kawasaki


Region 4:  Brenda Wright


Region 5: Heather McDonnell


Region 6: Angela VanDekker

Region 7:  Sheryl Mihopolus



Region 8: Kerry Lubold


HESC report: Jen Dwire

               And Managing your Student Loan Debt.


AGENDA ITEM: Revision of Policy on Lender Money

Discussion: Timing of revision, Development campaign for 07/08, Expectations for fund-raising.


MOTION: To eliminate policy passed on May 14th. McDonnell/Lubold. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

(May 14th Motion was the following policy:“NYSFAAA will neither solicit nor accept any money, gifts or compensation from any entity described in S620(8)a (lenders/servicers) and/or S620(8)b (guarantee agencies) of New York State Education Law.  The Treasurer and all other members of NYSFAAA will refuse any payment to NYSFAAA of any kind from such entities.  If any member accepts such payment on behalf of NYSFAAA in violation of this policy, the Treasurer will immediately return the funds and report the breach of policy to the President and the Executive Council.”  )


MOTION: Any activities are vetted through standing legislation that affects our members. McDonnell/ Teodecki.

Further discussion. Call the question- Teodecki. APPROVE– 9, ABSTAINED- 1. MOTION CARRIES.


AGENDA ITEM: To Delay PRESIDENT-ELECT Election-  Miladin



Adjourned for the day at 4:45 PM




Call to order at 9:17 AM-_ Canaski

Conference 2007- Claire Jacobi

MOTION: to increase the registration fee to $300, and increase day tripper to $160.  Miladin/Faller.  MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.



AGENDA ITEM: Acceptance of Lender Money policy

MOTION: To accept the Acceptance of Lender Money policy. Teodecki/ Mason.

Discussion and updates made to draft.

Friendly Amendment to Motion as outlined was accepted by Teodecki/Mason.



POLICY to be added to P&P Manual-  ISSUE: Acceptance of Payments and Donations


POLICY:  NYSFAAA will neither solicit nor accept any money, gifts or compensation, related to educational lending activities, from any entity described in S620(8)a (lenders/servicers) and/or S620(8)b (guarantee agencies) of New York State Education Law.  The Treasurer and all other members of NYSFAAA will refuse any payment to NYSFAAA of any kind from such entities for such purposes.



1- Payments from individuals of their own money for any acceptable NYSFAAA purpose or function are allowed under this policy, so long as such payments remain consistent with all other NYSFAAA policies and procedures.

2- Payment of membership dues and/or payment of participant fees for NYSFAAA activities by lending institutions (as defined above) on behalf of their own employees are acceptable under this policy.

3- Donations to NYSFAAA’s training, outreach, and/or scholarship activities by any individual or entity are acceptable under this policy, so long as such donations remain consistent with all other NYSFAAA policies and procedures.

4- Donors to NYSFAAA will receive no business or marketing benefit from NYSFAAA as quid pro quo for their donations, but all donors may be acknowledged by NYSFAAA throughout the fiscal year.

5- If any member accepts any payment on behalf of NYSFAAA in violation of this policy, the Treasurer will immediately return the funds and report the breach of policy to the President and the Executive Council.


The following replaces current language on home page of  WEBSITE:

The New York State Financial Aid Administrator’s Association, Inc (NYSFAAA) does not receive any money, gifts or compensation, related to educational lending activities, from any “lending institution” as defined in S620(8)a and S620(8)b of New York State Education Law.  Hence, NYSFAAA does not meet the definition of “lending institution” as defined in S620(8)c of New York State Education Law.  Therefore, institutions of higher education in New York and employees of those institutions are not subject to any potential conflicts of interest or legal restrictions under NYS Education Law in their interactions with NYSFAAA.*     * This statement does not constitute, and should not be construed as, legal advice.  


AGENDA ITEM: Presentation of 2007/08 Budget

Reviewed and reductions made. Decided to keep revenue sharing at $20 per member per region. Treasurer requests that regions bring to the September meeting what funding is needed. Marilyn will e-mail to regional treasurers to request budget. Some of the regions have already submitted budgets.


MOTION: To accept budget as amended. McDonnell/Lubold.





With 1st VP resigning in July will need a follow-up e-mail and/or conference call.




MOTION TO ADJOURN at 11:50 AM- McDonnell