September 10-11, 2007

Rochester, NY

(Official  )



Council: Sharon Karwowski, Kerry Lubold, Andrea Mason, Heather McDonnell,

Sheryl Mihopolus, Judi Miladin, Nancy Teodecki, Angela Van Dekker, 

Maria Barlaam , Ursula Bisconti, Earl Trethway, Tom Dalton, Lynn Chilson, Maria DeInnocentiis


Incoming Council:  Gina Soliz, Cindy Kohlman, Nancy Brewer, Curt Guame


State Chairs:  Katrina Delgrosso, Anne Barton , Cathy Patella, Laura Worley, Kathy Michalski, Bill Mack,  Christine Sears, Sean View


HESC liaison:  Jennifer Dwire 


Guest: Michael Woody


September 10


Meeting Called to Order, 12:58 PM – Heather McDonnell

Introductions around the table.

Changes to Council-

·        Heather thanked Curt, Angela and Tom for stepping again into leadership roles.

·        Region 1 and Region 6 council person vacancies

            Heather nominated Lynn Chilson, incoming Region 1 representative to begin term                                                       

            effective Sept 10th. MOTION: J. Miladin/S Karwowski.


            Heather nominated Maria DeInnocentiis incoming Region 6 representative to    

            begin term effective Sept 10th. MOTION: T. Dalton/K.Lubold.



Secretary’s Report-  Nancy Teodecki

Motion to waive reading of the minutes.  J. Miladin/K. Lubold

Minutes of the June meeting, and the two July conference calls were distributed prior to meeting. Corrections of the June meeting received and distributed prior to meeting.

MOTION: To approve minutes of June, with corrections, and the two July meetings. J. Miladin/ K. Lubold

MOtion approved UNANIMOUSLY.

Nancy announced that the annual report will be on the web only, no more paper version; still missing some reports and needed by 9/14. Also e-mail Nancy your reports to council, or post to your regional or committee site on web, so she can then update the minutes.


AGENDA ITEM: Transition to Executive Council 

To assist incoming regional council representative the history of organization/ overview of council responsibilities was given by J. Miladin and C. Guame. Overview included posting regional reports and events to the web, review the Policy and Procedure Manual and Constitution, revenue sharing, regional training support, treasurer’s quarterly reports.


AGENDA ITEM: Parliamentary Procedure 101

Overview given by H. McDonnell to assist incoming council members. Highlights included to make or table a motion, important that you appoint a proxy if you cannot attend a meeting and inform Madame President, you may ask non-members to attend regional meetings, and any member can attend council meetings.


President’s Report:            Heather McDonnell

RE: President’s Report – the First 100 days….


The first order of business was to reassure both the membership and committee chairs that NYSFAAA would continue business “as if” nothing had changed. I have changed some committee reporting.. I re-instated Wayne Harewood as co-chair of the College Goal Sunday project with NYSFAAA. The College Goal Sunday project now reports to the President. I created the Diversity Committee and for now, this committee will also report to the President. I asked Sharon Karwowski, Oscar Vasquez and Tanya Patterson-Stanley to co-chair this committee. I asked Adrienne King (Bank Street of Education) to co-chair membership with Clair Jacobi. Kathy Michalski of Niagara County Community College has also agreed to co-chair the High School Outreach committee with Linda Bridgewater. Dan Hunter (Buffalo State Emeriti) has agreed to co-chair the Mentoring committee with another retiree – tentatively Dick Oboyski (SUNY Cobleskill Emeriti).


On July 17th, I contacted Bill Cheetham, President of EASFAA, to join NYSFAAA in creating a SLATE Summit group. The original idea was that this committee would be ready to address any issues raised during the regulatory process and be a resource for our membership on matters related to SLATE. Bill asked John View (SUNY ESF) and Jim Murphy (CUNY Central) to join the summit as EASFAA representatives. I asked Tom Dalton (Excelsior College) and Pierre Alric (NelNet) to join as NYSFAAA representatives. On July 19th, a letter of introduction was sent to Associate Commissioner Frey under Bill’s and my signatures. We met with Mr. Frey and two legal SED staff members on August 9th. Bill Cheetham, Tom Dalton, Pierre Alric and I thought the meeting was very productive and we are working on information Mr. Frey requested. I am indebted (as are EASFAA and NYSFAAA) to the time, guidance and support we received throughout this process from John Austin and Cheryl Fisher of HESC. I am certain that the success of our meeting was due in part to their preparation of both Mr. Frey and the SLATE Summiteers.


Angela Van Dekker was appointed 1st Vice President and about a week later, Marilyn Faller resigned as Treasurer. I am grateful that Tom Dalton accepted the appointment to fill Marilyn’s term. The officer’s transition (including my own) took place quickly and with apparent ease. I urge Council and the regional membership to be patient with us as we scramble to learn the intricacies of our new (and perhaps, sudden) responsibilities.


I participated in several conference calls. Most recently, the Next Generation, Ethics and Development committees held conference call meetings. Saving the best for last, I attended “Higher Education” Day at the State Fair and worked the NYSFAAA table for a couple of hours.


Where are we going and how will we get there? I do not wish to minimize the events of the last 8 months but NYSFAAA must help our membership move forward. The only way we do this is to provide training, training and training at both the regional and state level. Our meetings and events must have substance. Both the Strategic Long Range Planning and Next Generation committees have reported that the membership wants training on all professional topics. These sessions must be offered in multi-media venues. I will ask the Communication committee to work closely with the Professional Development committee to introduce webinars and podcasts to our training options by the end of this fiscal year.


For the remaining 48 days, I will be doing the following:

Panelist on SLATE with Joe Frey at HESC’s Loan Symposium, Attend HESC’s Board of Trustee’s meeting, Attend our annual conference, Attend the EASFAA Council meeting, Panelist on SLATE and the NY AG with Janet Dodson, past chair of NASFAA at the NJSFAA annual conference


Our next scheduled Executive Council meetings are:

            October 15th : 5:15 President’s Suite – if needed

            December 13 and 14th – Marriott Courtyard Amherst (Buffalo)

            February 7 and 8th – TBA

            June 18 through 20th – TBA


President’s Committees:

Governance Committee: Judi Miladin

Full draft of the Long Range Plan will be presented Tuesday morning at the conference.

Judi reviewed the Constitutional updates with council.

MOTION: present to members the recommended constitutional amendments as presented by the Governance Committee for the vote of the membership .

 J. Miladin/M. Barlaam.

Discussion: timing of reviewing, many changes that must be voted in whole,

retired members issues (since no longer categorized as Associate Member, discussed future leadership role on council).



MOTION: To charge the Governance Committee to look at the retirement issue as discussed. T. Dalton/A. VanDekker



Review of P&P Manual

Judi highlighted revisions. A. VanDekker questioned why the Diversity Committee is not included in P&P; it is a standing committee and there is no language in the manual. Floor turned over to S. Karwowski, member of the steering committee for the Diversity Committee. Sharon presented the language that was previously written by J. Warren which was not approved at the February meeting. Sharon gave the justification of the purpose of the committee (see ADDENDUM for  full report)

Proposed language/procedures as follows:


Purpose: (A) To encourage and support the active involvement and professional development of members from under-represented groups in the Association, and to assist these members in growth toward leadership positions within the Association. (B) To collaborate with other standing committees to ensure that the Association’s outreach activities reflect the diverse membership and under-served communities. (C) To ensure that the Association reflects the diverse membership, geographic regions, institutions, and students we serve in all aspects of the governance and activities of said organization.


 1- Work with Region Chairs & Regional Membership Chairs to identify under-represented groups within the region.

2- Develop outreach strategies to inform target groups about NYSFAAA activities and membership benefits.

3- Review demographic make-up of all NYSFAAA committees and make recommendations to the President/Committee Chairs for potential committee appointees that will enhance diversity.

4- Collaborate with Government Relations Committee on diversity related issues.

5- Assist the Early Awareness and High School Relations Committees in identifying and reaching out to diverse and under-served communities.

6- Work with Conference Committee on developing diversity-related session.


Discussion :

In the ‘Purpose’ sections B & C- amend to:

(B) To collaborate with other standing committees to assist the Association in reaching out to facilitate diversity and representation from under-served communities.

(C ) To ensure that the Association makes every effort to reflect the diverse membership, geographic regions, institutions, and students we serve in all aspects of the governance and activities of said organization.


In Duties:

#3 amend to : Provide assistance and make recommendations to the President/Committee Chairs for potential committee appointees that will enhance diversity

#5 amend High School Relations  to School Outreach


In Membership:

#2 Eight Regional Coordinators , appointed by the Regions: amend appointed to selected


MOTON – To accept the language of the Diversity Committee as amended.

S. Karwowski/ A. Van Dekker.

Further discussion on the language and how to achieve a balance on committees and leadership roles. Heather requested to set the gavel aside (turned over to the 1st VP) in order to expand and address the issues discussed: The Diversity Committee is a Standing Committee; it is time to utilize this committee and their role- assist with encouraging membership of our committees and future leadership positions to reflect the diversity of our membership.




MOTION : The Policy and Procedures Manual as presented by the Governance Committee, the Secretary, and amended by council be accepted by council.





Government Relations- Christine Sears

Co-chairs are available to attend regional meetings to inform members on ‘how to get involved and advocate as members and as constituents’. Session was given in some regions this past year and was received well. Question from council on position paper: if it could be received by council earlier than our scheduled visits with legislatures. Christine will recommend that committee presents it at an earlier date.


Secretary’s Committee:

Early Awareness- Anne Barton (see ADDENDUM)

Gear-Up- Cathy Patella (see ADDENDUM)


Webletter – Laura Worley

Ask regions that any updates within regions are needed. What do members wish to see in webletter? (idea suggested- clips of sessions at conference)


Adjourned for the day- 4:45 PM.


September 11



Call to order  8:38 AM –Heather McDonnell

Moment of silence called by Heather in recognition of this day in our history.


Treasurer’s Report- Tom Dalton

Reported in Audit-  letterhead does not have ‘Incorporated’ wording on it. Secretary Teodecki commented that our letterhead in stock does have the “Inc” included. If any member does have old letterhead, please destroy.  Tom will contact Regional Treasurer’s for either a meeting or a conference call to give guidance on what is expected at a regional audit.

Balance report will be cleaned-up. An updated 2007/08 budget is needed since changes were made at council’s June meeting. Tom will contact Marilyn.

Question on W-9. Tom indicated that he like a ‘signed version’ in a PDF on webiste.


Ethics- reported by Sheryl Mihopolus for Howard Leslie

Safe Harbor session at conference- will be an open forum/ interactive.

Discussion on Statement of Principles- Heather is sending the current document  back to the Ethics Committee for their review and appropriate action- to review behavior that has taken place to-date and provide guidance and ‘recommended framework’. Ethics committee will forward to council first before going out to regions.


Development – K. Delgrosso

In speaking with lenders they are still checking on their level of support. Donations are usually received by the conference time so committees have an idea of funds available for their activities. Katrina will send out another e-mail to solicit support.


Finance- Tom Dalton

After Treasurer reconciles statemen twill forward to Curt Guame to review


 1st Vice President’s Reports:

Membership- Angela Van Dekker

Encourage members to renew their membership and to update their membership section on volunteer efforts.

Angela has a separate e-mail set-up at her school so members can use that specifically for their membership questions/issues. (NYSFAAAmem@fordham.edu)


Awards Committee: reported by Angela Van Dekker for Kathy Flaherty

Award recipients names are needed ASAP for the plaque order that is going out 9/30.

Question on the time frame of service for the ‘Rising Star’ award. After some council discussion it was decided to have a more flexible time frame. Heather will notify Awards Committee.


Secretary’s Committees- Nancy Teodecki

College Goal Sunday- Ken  Storms

Update on the history of this project and the partnership with NYSFAAA. Please ask for volunteers now for the CGS event scheduled for February 10th. May add additional sites this year if possible. Table will be present at the conference with information and to sign up to volunteer.

Question on focusing and how to reach out- the members of the committee are working with the counselors and organizations in the site areas to identify the ‘target’ student and family groups for 2008. Council requested that website be updated with the 2008 date.


School Outreach-  Kathy Michalski

Tightening budget ; no lunches will be offered at workshops.

Question concerning lenders present at workshops. Decided by council : no lender tables since that promotes ‘loan activity’, all corporate sponsors to date will be acknowledged at each workshop, and no clothing can be worn that designates a lender’s employer.

Question on the USDE and NCHELP outreach to school counselors and our concern that it might interfere with NYSFAAA School Counselor workshops and the relationships we have already established. Ken Storms clarified that for The National Training for Counselors and Mentors for our state, the counselors will be directed to the NYSFAAA website for our training workshops.


Communications/Website-  reported by Nancy Teodecki for Ideta  Daniel

Plan on bringing the website off-line for redesign and update approx 11/15; may be down several days- to-one week depending on the extent of the redesign. Targeting upgrades to membership sections and outreach, and some redesign of navigation. Suggest that data that is several years old be archived.


MOTION:Archive documents and minutes older than July 1, 2006 and annually archive prior-prior fiscal year. K.Lubold/ A.Van Dekker. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.


MOTION: All training materials are restricted for members only. A. Van Dekker/





2nd VP Committees- Maria Barlaam

Professional Development Committee

Will focus on joint efforts with EASFAA/ SUNYFAP to assist in reduction of costs.

Need feedback from Regions for topics. There will be EASFAA training in Nov/Dec time frame;  topic is  Counseling Students and Families- Tackling the Financial Issues. Tom Dalton and Wayne Harewood are trainers.

Spring training target date early March; suggestion SED regs on SLATE  if released by then. Jim Briggs Tax Workshops- let Maria know if there is interest this year to offer these workshops.


Novice- Bill  Mack

So far, site bids for 2008- Cobleskill, Brockport, Potsdam. Let committee chairs know if any of your staff is requesting a topic to add to program.


Regional Reports- see ADDENDUM

Region 3 : Request for funds for Support Staff workshop . MOTION: Region3 receive $1500 for support Staff Workshop to be held in October.




State Fair- Sharon Karwowksi

Income exceeded expenses so scholarships were increased. Attendance that day approx.100,000. Had to be present for drawing so it brought back folks to booth. Was contacted multiple times by AC Office and they wanted a booth ‘under the tent’ but there wasn’t any space left. Sharon invited them to the 2008 planning meeting this November.

The AGO did request a list of schools that were attending. An individual was taking pictures of the literature that was displayed on our table.



HESC- J. Dwire

Conference 2007 -Currently 35 tables for vendors. Will need 38 to break even. Please encourage members to visit the exhibit room.


Meeting Adjourned 12:10 PM



ADDENDUM- includes regional, full committee, and HESC reports


Secretary: Nancy Teodecki

On August 7th, President McDonnell sent to council an e-mail announcing Marilyn Faller’s resignation as Treasurer due to office staffing issues on her campus. Heather nominated Tom Dalton to fill the term of Treasurer effective immediately. Earl Trethway seconded the motion.

A vote was taken by e-mail resulting in 7 Ayes. Three council representatives were  absent for the voting which took place on August 7th.  The number of council members voting met quorum, therefore the vote was official. Heather announced to council and the membership on August 8th of  Marilyn’s resignation and that Tom Dalton will complete Marilyn’s term as Treasurer.





Region 1- Lynn Chilson

            Kevin Ryan (UB) –Region 1 Chairman-incumbent

            Lynn Chilson (Buffalo State)- Executive Council representative- newbie

            Brent McEnroe- Treasurer-incumbent

            Rachel Barker- Secretary-newbie


Region 2- Andrea Mason

            meeting, followed by a buffet luncheon.  After meeting we played the

            horses and the slot machines. Unfortunately, the attendance was poor.

Region 3- Sharon Karwowski

·        Region 3 held its June meeting at the Adams Mark in Buffalo on June 22. We had 32 members attend. We worked on Conference planning. As a reminder Region 3 will be hosting the conference at the Adams Mark Oct 21-24 2008.

             Council Representative – Gina Soliz
             Regional Chair – Sean View
             Regional Secretary – Bonnie Rooker
             Regional Treasurer – Pat Johnson


Region 4- Earl Trethway

            Executive Council Representative (New Officer – due to resignation of Brenda      

            Wright) Earl Tretheway, Asst. Dean of Students & Dir. Financial Aid, Columbia-

                 Greene Community College

            Region Chairperson (New Officer)-Steve Dwire, Dir of Fin. Aid, the College of             

                 St. Rose

            Secretary- Elizabeth Key, National Education, Account Manager

            Treasurer (New Officer)-Jim Vallee, M & T Bank, Client Relationship Manager

             2007 School Counselor Workshop – Scheduled to be held November 13th at                          

             Hudson Valley Community College.  Ronni Jones is the region IV chair and has 

             begun planning and soliciting volunteers. October Regional meeting – Date TBA.


Region 5- Ursula Bisconti

            Roberta Daskin- Chair

            Charlie Boland- Secretary

            Kristen Carey- Membership

            Ursula Bisconti- Council Representative


            We agreed we can support a second site for College Goal Sunday in

            Westchester (New Rochelle in addition to Yonkers).

            Janice Hilbrink is working on the Guidance Counselor Workshop.  We will

            have one site instead of two, and serve breakfast not lunch, to save money.



Region 6-Angela Van Dekker


            Updates, Exec Council, HESC, etc.

            Best Practices - Preferred Lender Lists – School Panel

            Leadership Training

            Discussion - Getting Involved in NYSFAAA

            School Panel -Fordham, Monroe and SVA 

            Some of the topics addressed:

              How do you evaluate your lenders?

              How often do you evaluate your lenders?

              How did you choose your lenders?

              Do you provide your lenders with a “Report Card”?

              Do you evaluate your guarantors?

             How has SLATE changed the way you choose your lenders? (If it has at all)


             Executive Council Representative New Officer:

            Maria DeInnocentiis, Marymount College Manhattan, Director of Financial Services

             Co-Chair (Active Member):

            Anna Kopit, Aveda Institute New York, Financial Aid Director

             Co-Chair (Active or Associate Member) :

            Brian Ghanoo,  Regional Director NSLP (National Student Loan Program)

             Secretary :

            Shelley Worrell,  CUNY Graduate Center, Federal Direct Loan Coordinator

             Treasurer New Officer :

            Chris Constable,  Edamerica, Account Representative


-Region VI Meeting Sept. 27 at Caliber Training Institute 7th Ave

              Panel of lenders and schools-The 411 on Alternate Loans

              How to compare Alternate loans, Interest Rates and Fees -Prime vs Libor; APR’s;                                     

              Difference between Marketing agent for a loan and a lender having their own product;                 

              Alternate Loan Consolidation and back-end benefits.

          - Revisit Statement of Principles

           -High School Guidance Counselor co-chairs Mina Friedmann and Brian Ghanoo

          - SUNY FIT on Friday November 16th. 

          - We are also hoping to have a support staff workshop for Fall in early October.


Region 7- Sheryl Mihopolus

            Nancy Brewer will replace Sheryl Mihopulos as Executive Councilperson

            Debra Evans will replace Nancy Brewer as Regional Chair

            Diane Beltrani will replace Angie Esparza as Regional Treasurer

            With this new team in place Region 7 is ready to go and we look forward to                                                         

             another year of NYSFAAA activities!


Region 8- Kerry Lubold

No report- We had not met between our June and September EC meetings.


Awards Committee –  Kathy Flaherty, submitted by Angela VanDekker

All regional awards are to be ordered from Lamont by the awards committee rather than by the regions.  The committee also needs the award information for the program.

Ordering awards –             Early order    Sept. 5

                                         Second order Sept. 30

Need the name, the organization and the date.

Regional awards will be presented at the luncheon rather than in the evening.

On August 19th and 13th the regions were notified about the Rising Star award.

Nominations for statewide awards closed August 1 and a conference call was scheduled for the first week in Sept.


Development Committee- Katrina Delgrosso

2007-08 NYSFAAA Development Committee:

Chairperson:                                                                 Katrina Delgrosso

NYSFAAA Treasurer:                                                         Tom Dalton, Excelsior College  

NYSFAAA Past-President:                                                  Anne Barton, NSLP

Upstate Executive Council Rep (Region 1):                    Lynn Chilson, Buffalo State College 

Downstate Executive Council Rep (Region 7):              Sheryl Mihopulos, Adelphi University (Nancy or Maria?)

Downstate Vendor Rep:                                          Jason Cook, Citibank

Next Generation Committee Representative:                          Vacant

Next Generation Committee Representative:                          Vacant






Diversity  Committee– Sharon Karwowski – Full Report

Heather asked if I would join Tanya Patterson-Stanley and Oscar Vasquez to form a steering committee concerning itself with Diversity. I agreed to do that. It is my intention to stay with the process until the Diversity Committee is up and running.


For as long as I have been involved with NYSFAAA (22 years) there have been disenfranchised folks. Clock hour verses Credit, Community College verses Graduate school, Upstate verses Downstate, old verses young, woman verses man and on and on. I see this committee as an avenue to tackle these genuine concerns. I see this committee as a lens to view ourselves and to address issues as they occur.


Joan Warren brought to this Executive Council a proposal to establish a Diversity Committee. She was asked to come back to Council with wording. I was unable to attend the meeting in which she presented the proposal. At that meeting it did not pass the vote. Some of you at the table may wish to speak to the reasoning behind that action.


As I looked at Joan’s proposal I found it to be sound and worthy of us taking a closer look. I sent the proposal to Tanya and Oscar and asked them for their opinions. Oscar whole heartily agreed that it should be brought forth again. Tanya and I have not connected but Heather has assured me that she also is in agreement with the proposal.


I would like to make a motion that we establish a Diversity Committee at the state level. The details of the Diversity Committee are contained in the draft authored by Joan Warren. 



Early Awareness- Anne Barton- Co- Chair

The committee’s idea to raffle off IPOD Nanos at the NYS Fair was a huge success. We drew a crowd at each drawing. It was a great way to get people to return to the tent – we required that they be present at the drawing to win. Winners of the drawings were:


            Noon: Jacob Parsons – Red Creek Central School


            2 PM: Tyler Norton – Bolivar-Richburg Central School


            4 PM: Vincent Buttimer – Proctor High School


I will be contacting the school counselors at each of these schools to let them know their student won and to let them know what NYSFAAA has to offer to them.


The committee is now working on adding an Early Awareness power point presentation to our website for members to use if they are approached about presenting on Early Awareness. When it is added to the website I will go out with a notice to the membership that it is available.


We are also compiling a list of NYSFAAA resources available to our membership which will include printed materials and electronic resources with their target audience. When this project is completed it will be distributed to our membership via the NYSFAAA listserve.


We will also be ordering another supply of the “The Path to College Starts in Middle School” brochure for distribution to middle school counselors this fall.


NYGEAR UP –Cathy Patella

Report on 2006-2007 Year Activities


ü      Presented at the NYGEAR Annual Conference on Long Island.  “It’s Never Too Early To Start Planning for College.”  Topics included:  why go to college, financial aid myths, and how parents and students pay for college.

ü      8th grade students this year received a school pouch and mood pencil.

ü      Early awareness committee’s brochure:  “The Path To College Starts in Middle School” was placed in the school pouch.

ü      NYGEAR Newsletter:  “I’m Going to College” was sent to every student in the spring.

ü      College Quest Project:  CICU, NYSFAAA, and the Albany City School District sponsored a bus trip for students to visit colleges in the western part of the state.

ü      Sent (3) NYGEAR UP counselors to Novice Training.


2007-2008 Proposed Activities

ü      12 month calendar is being developed for all students.

·        January – Course Selection

·        February – Savings/529 Plans

·        March – Handling your Money

·        April – Identity Theft

·        May – Summer Jobs

·        June – Financial Aid (grants and scholarships)

·        July – Financial Aid (loans and student employment)

·        August – Opportunity Programs

·        September – Why NYGREAR UP Activities?

·        October – What is postsecondary education?

·        November – Goal Setting

·        December – Credit Cards

ü      Spring Newsletter.

ü      Will present at the annual conference.

ü      School visits and site visits.

ü      Novice Training.     




Government Relations Committee:-reported by Christine Sears, co-chair

Ø      Main initiatives (2007-08)

o       Develop and distribute NYS & Federal priority statements

o       Schedule trip to Washington D.C.

o       Participate in Legislative Forum in Albany in February of 2008

o       Provide legislative training for elected officials as part of the forum

o       Provide continuous updates to NYSFAAA members on pending legislative issues

o       Attend regional meetings to inform NYSFAAA members of how to get involved and advocate as members and as constituents

o       Provide NYSFAAA members with form letters to communicate with legislators




High School Outreach- Kathy Michalski

·        The planning of the workshops is coming along nicely.  We held our first meeting on March 30th to discuss the wrap up of last years workshops and discuss the planning of this year’s workshops.  I also had a conference call on 8/28 with all the regional chairs and Linda Bridgewater to go over some final details.  The regional chairpersons have set their dates, ordered their supplies, and are gearing up for a great year.  The regional chairpersons are:


              Region I          Kathy Michalski (NCCC) & Brian Levy (Student Loan Xpress)

               Region II         Nancy Van Zetta (FLCC)

               Region III        Kate Bellefeuille (OCC) & Shane Rauh (Student Capital)

       Region IV       Ronni Jones (Hudson Valley)

       Region V        Janice Hilbrink (Pace)

       Region VI       Lucy Villaquiran (Columbia) & Brian Ghanoo (NSLP)

       Region VII      Debra Evans (Adelphi)

       Region VIII      Kerry Lubold (SUNY Plattsburgh) & Bonnie Evans (HESC)

·        The dates for the workshops are:


             Region I        11/6 St. Bonaventure      11/7 Classics V

           Region II        11/29 RIT                       11/30 Alfred State

           Region III       11/9 Fairgrounds & Binghamton date TBD

           Region IV       11/13 Hudson Valley

           Region V        11/9 Dominican College

           Region VI        11/16 SUNY FIT

           Region VII        11/1 location to be determined

           Region VIII       12/4 Jefferson              12/5 Lake Placid

·        Linda will be sending the mailing labels to the chairpersons in late September.  Linda will be sending out the notices to the schools the beginning of October.   



Membership  Report – Angel VanDekker

There does not appear to have been a June 2006 membership report, however, I estimate there were 1376 unduplicated members for 2006-7.  I am also estimating the following:

Estimated membership figures as of  9/6/2007



























Not Affiliated





















































For 2007-8 membership sign up is slow.

Possibly because of:



As of Sept 6th there were 304 current members for 2007-8 and 1376 members whose membership privileges will end on 11/15/2007.


September is a transition month for membership.  Many sign up at the same time they sign up for the conference.

Any members that have not renewed by Nov. 15, 2007 will be dropped from the membership roles and the list serves. 


Regional officers and membership chairs should remind their members to renew.

Remember revenue share is based on your membership numbers.


Distributing current updated volunteers.


Since the beginning of the year there have been 4, 1st Vice President’s. With five weeks as Vice President, I am trying:


Professional Ethics and Standards Committee Report - Howard Leslie Chair, reported by Sheryl Mihopulos, Region 7 Executive Council Representative


Major points:

Conference call 8/24/07 to discuss charge of the committee.  Heather wants  a good balance of upstate/downstate/schools/lenders.  Currently there are 10 schools, 2 HESC reps, 3 lenders, Heather, and 2 consultants (who are not part of NYSFAAA).


The committee is posting to the Google site for exchange of information.


There were two meetings with Joe Frey from SED about what the regs should be covering for SLATE.  There should be a draft in December which will be handed off to the AG from SED.


It was discussed that the committee should have some authority.  It seeks to establish in professional terms “what’s appropriate or inappropriate” and should be able to say, “ we support or don’t support it”.


For purposes of safe harbor the committee needs to inform the association of what not to do—subtle not to do’s with a very proactive stance.  Heather wants interactive sessions at the conference. The open dialogue should cause the membership to think “you can’t do x, Y, and Z and that you can’t stop at legal council interpretations.  You must look ahead and consider “perceptions of impropriety”.


The committee discussed what’s happening currently in DC… Sunshine, Loan auctions, Budget Reconciliation.


Conference sessions


– Preferred Lender list sessions (two)

SUNSHINE vs. SLATE (and how it affects preferred lenders)

ETHICS – General discussion of ethics (what is it anyway?)


Statement of Principles is on hold right now given the current volatile climate but will be something the committee will address.


September 20 – 21 the group will meet in Saratoga.





Scholarship Committee: Debra Evans,co- chair.  Written report

Two NYSFAAA Scholarships were awarded at the New York State Fair.  The scheduled awards of $500 were supplemented by income from selling booth space in the tent and were increased to $1,000 each.  The winners were Tiffany Broadwater (Onondaga Community College) and Winowah Cook (Lemoyne College).


Solicitation of donations for the scholarship fund and applications for consideration for the awards are going out (and will, I hope, already be out).  Please remind all regions that personal donations are the heart and soul of the Scholarship Fund, and that all applications will be considered.


In place of the Silent Auction at the conference in New York in October, the Scholarship Committee will be selling tee shirts.  We will solicit ideas for a catchy phrase that will convey (in a hopefully humorous way) the principles of NYSFAAA and our members’ dedication to students.


In addition, Bill Cavin of American Student Assistance and Chris Constable from EdAmerica have offered, and currently arranging, a golf outing for Sunday morning, October 14, during the conference.  Their intent is to make this an annual event that will move around the state coinciding with the conference each year.  I thank them for their efforts on behalf of the scholarship committee.



Website Communication-Ideta Daniels, reported by Nancy Teodecki


My fellow NYSFAAA colleagues who knew a year could go by so quickly and how could we have foreseen the events that challenged our professionalism and change our business processes.  As I struggled to understand and come to terms with the speed with which events were occurring, some of which fell squarely in my backyard I had to shift my focus and therefore did not move ahead with the upgrades and design enhancements to the website that you the membership so generously provided through the survey done in May. 


Moving forward the plan is to implement all of the changes after the annual conference in October.  The upgrade itself is major and will require that the website be offline for several days. Therefore, it is important to schedule the work when no event registration or voting is taking place so as not to inconvenience the membership. 


I continue to provide assistance with setting up of web registrations, regional elections, job postings, general updating of the website, the NYS Default Prevention Initiative, and provide timely responses to questions and concerns as they relate to the website.


I need Executive Council advice on the following:
·        Do you see the need to archive any of last year’s conference presentations, and handouts, http://www.nysfaaa.org/docs/toc_conferences.html, currently posted on the website?  ATAC would need to have the files and they would also need to know how we would want it set up, and If it should be restricted to members only.  Also, do you think any of it is appropriate for placing on the “Training” web page.  This is what’s there currently:

Training Presentations
Click on the name of the presentation you wish to view. You must have MS Power Point installed on your computer or network to view the presentations. The presentation will open in a new window. Close when finished to return to this page.

  1. Teacher Forgiveness Programs
  2. Loan Consolidation
  3. College Aid Overview
  4. Notice of Proposed Rule Making – Presented Statewide in May 2001.
  5. Professional Judgment – Presented at the Region 3 Counselors Workshop at Carousel Center, November 2001.
  6. NY College Savings*- Program/Upromise Rewards presented at May 2005 Region 3 meeting
  7. Presentation Skills (doc file)
Should #4, 5 and 6 be removed?
·        A question was posed by Nancy Teodecki whether a “Member History” section could be added to the database and how the process would work.  The answer:
A "Member History" section can be added to the database as part of the upgrade/redesign. It would need to be set up as an online form that members would login to complete and could revise at any time. ATAC would need to know what data you want to collect for the member history. It's important to have this as a form, as opposed to just a free-form text box, so that the data is consistent and can be sorted based on what you need. We would also need to know how you need to retrieve/view the information. Do you just want a download file with all of the data, an online view of just an individual record, etc.?
ATAC can put together some projected costs once they know what we need.






Finally, Dan Dunn, Steve Dwire, Mark Hill, and John Nieckarz of the Next Generation committee will be working with me to facilitate training through the website and other NYSFAAA events.


September 2007

HESC Loan Symposium 2007

Register now for the 3rd annual HESC Loan Symposium which will focus on being SLATE safe.  The event is being held at the Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY on September 19th and 20th. We have a terrific lineup featuring Brett Lief from NCHELP and Joe Frey from State Education Department.  More information and registration are available online at www.hesc.com.

Accelerated Study Term Report

Report HE8498, the Accelerated Study Term Report is now available on the HESC web site and will be available at the end of each term’s certification period. This report is only available for schools that have continuous enrollment and whose regular calendar allows students to attend 3 semesters or 4 trimesters in a calendar year.

To view the report visit the Transaction Center, select Transaction Processing, click on Grants & Scholarships, click on Reports, and select Standard Reports.  If you have questions, please call 1.866.431.4372, option 4 to speak with a TAP representative.

Math & Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship Application Period Reopened

The competition for the New York State Math and Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship Program has been reopened for the 2006-07 academic year with an application deadline of October 1, 2007.  Applications and information for the 2006-07 scholarship are available on HESC’s web site in the Students, Families & Counselor section.  Applications for the 2007-08 academic year will be available after January 1, 2008.

Ability to Benefit Test

Students may take the federally approved Ability to Benefit Test up until the end of the Fall term.  This is for the current Fall term only and clarification will be provided for the upcoming Spring term.

New Access to Digital Dashboard

The Digital Dashboard is a report which contains information on all loans guaranteed by loan type.  Information includes the number of loans, loan guarantee amount, number of disbursals, anticipated dollars disbursing, actual dollars disbursed, total amount canceled, number of HESC held e-MPNs and number of HESC held paper MPNs.  The Digital Dashboard can be accessed by visiting the College Administrators center, then the Transaction Center using your user ID and password.  The Dashboard tab is located to the right of the Reports tab.

HESC Enhances Default Manager

HESC has enhanced Default Manager once again. Beginning Aug. 1, the HESC Default Manager program began to select delinquent accounts and assign cohort years based on the date of repayment reported directly by the lender. Delinquent accounts were previously based on information provided by School Certification Data (SCS).

HESC Default Manager eliminates the potential for discrepancy by assigning a cohort year based on the lender reported, “date entered repayment” for each identified delinquent loan. The source of the delinquency notification and the “date entered repayment” will now be the same, considerably reducing the number of accounts with conflicting data.

Future enhancements will include exporting of demographic information in Excel format which will facilitate mail merge functionality and the ability to create the cohort rate listing directly from Default Manager.  If you have any ideas for additional future enhancements, please contact Ed Gilbert directly at egilbert@hesc.org or 518.473.3528.

Preferred Lender List Changes

In compliance with SLATE, HESC has added additional wording to the e-MPN process at the point where a borrower selects a lender.  The new wording follows:

Students and their parents have the right and ability to select the education loan provider of their choice.  If a preferred lender list is displayed, you are not required to use a lender on that list, and will not suffer a penalty for choosing another lender.

For information regarding a school’s policy on establishing a preferred lender, please contact your school’s Financial Aid Office.


If a college has supplied HESC with a URL to their website, there will be a link for the borrower to the school’s policy on determining a preferred lender.  Students can review the information, close the school window and continue with the e-MPN process

Credit Check Enhancements

HESC has updated our system for sending Certification Requests when the borrower completes the credit only portion of the e-MPN.  If a borrower chooses to complete the credit only portion of the e-MPN, a certification request will be sent to the school upon credit approval.  To receive a loan guarantee, the borrower will need to complete the e-MPN but the school will be able to complete the certification request once the credit pre-approval is complete.

Schools now have the ability to request a list of all students and borrowers for whom HESC has performed a credit check.  Visit the College Administrators center and sign into the Transaction Center using your user ID and password.  Go to the Loans section and then to the Reports tab, select Apps Processing, click on Request Credit Check Results Report (APP 723) under the “Generate Report Request” heading.