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Conference Committee

  • Anniversary
    Tom Dalton
    Diane Dixon
    Judi Miladin
    Tanya Milazzo
    Eileen Muhlig
    Sean Sherwood
    Lisa Simpson
    Nancy Teodecki, Chairperson
    John View
    Fred Zuccala
  • Conference
    Kathy Flaherty, Co-Chair
    Tami Gilbeaux, Co-Chair
    Gina Soliz, Co-Chair
  • Entertainment
    Kevin Shults, Chairperson
  • Facilities
    Amy Connors, Co-Chair
    Fred Zuccala, Co-Chair
    Kelly Kelly, Facilities
  • Local Arrangements & Transportation
    Tanya Milazzo, Chairperson
  • Pre-Conference
    LaSonya Griggs, Chairperson
    Pat Johnson
    Adrienne King
    BJ Revill, Chairperson Cynthia Roach
  • Program
    LaSonya Griggs
    Cindy Kohlman
    Patti Donahue
    Karolina Holl
    Patrick Ziegler
  • Publicity
    Kelly Kelly, Co-Chair
    Darrin Rooker, Co-Chair
    Stephanie Stock, Co-Chair
  • Registration
    Sarah O'Neil, Co-Chair
    Wendy Rizzo, Co-Chair
  • Technology
    Sarah Macri, Co-Chair
    Sean Sherwood, Co-Chair
  • Vendor
    Tom Dalton, Chairperson