Asset-Related Conflicting Information
Thu, Sep 13, 2018 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Following up on last year's very successful webinar Assets in the Need Analysis, we are pleased to bring you another webinar about assets from Robert Weinerman. In its definition of "good practices" for identifying conflicting information, the Department of Education asks financial aid officers to compare an applicant’s answers to the asset questions on the FAFSA to information that the school may have received on a tax return transcript. This session will cover the asset-related information that can be derived from the tax return transcript. We'll look at interest, dividends, business income, rental income, trust income, and what the transcript can tell you about the taxpayer's retirement income. For each of these, we'll relate the value to an asset question on the FAFSA, and look at how we may be able to identify unreported, or under-reported, asset values.

Robert Weinerman has over 25 years' experience in the college financial world. He began his career as a financial aid officer at MIT, and worked for over a decade as an aid officer there, at Babson College, and as a consultant to several smaller colleges in the Boston area. In 2003 he joined College Coach, the nation’s leading provider of college counseling services to corporate American, and led a team of ten financial aid officers who helped the employees of family friendly companies plan ahead as the prepared to save for, or pay for, their children's educations. Robert delivered hundreds of workshops and conducted thousands of counseling sessions while at College Coach.

When Jim Briggs retired after over three decades as the tax trainer to the financial aid community, he selected Robert as his successor. As Director of Training for Iron Bridge Resources for the last four years, Robert has delivered dozens of workshops and webinars to financial aid officers on taxes, business structures, and various aspects of the need analysis.

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