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Podcast Episode #14 - Podcast Episode #14 is PART 2 of the interview with David Sheridan regarding the almost 40 higher education recommendations made and shared with Congress by the HEC50 – as promised. See all the details listed in archives Podcast #12. In PART 1 we discussed the HEC50 recommendations on the topics of ACCESS and ACCOUNTABILITY. In PART 2 our focus turns to AFFORDABILITY and TRANSPARENCY. If you have not listened to episode #12 yet I suggest you do so before listening to this one – PART 2. Download

Podcast Episode #13 - Podcast #13 is all about NYSFAAA going to a NEW WEBSITE PLATFORM. It is very exciting and there is much work to be done. Listen to Howard as he interviews Amelia – a key member of the MemberClicks team – MemberClicks being the new platform on which our NYSFAAA WEBSITE will reside. Learn about all the new functionalities you will have. Also, if you want to be able to say you helped build NYSFAAA’s new website – HELP WANTED. Download

Podcast Episode #12 - This week’s very special episode is PART 1 OF 2 about NASFAA’s HEC50 final paper  "https://www.highereducationcommitteeof50.org/. Join me, and Christopher Barto, as we interview our very own David Sheridan (of Columbia University and a NYSFAAA member) who is one of the 50. NASFAA put the 50 together, with help from the Gates Foundation, to come up with the resulting 40 recommendations on


During this first episode we discuss Access and Accountability. Next time we will get to Affordability and Transparency. This was a very interesting and engaging conversation – listen and spread the word. These recommendations could likely shape reauthorization.


Podcast Episode #11 - Podcast Episode #11 is brief but contains a lot of important information about what occurred at last week’s 3 hour plus Executive Council Meeting.

Executive Council Voted on:
1 – A new Website Host
2 – A new Conference App
3 – A Bot for our website
4 – Where and when our 2020 Conference will be


If you do not tend to listen to these Podcasts – this is a short one with plenty of info.


Podcast Episode #10 - Episode 10 is a discussion with a VA Benefits Professional. Listen to get some clarification on the GI Bill, 100% vs. Less than – the TA Programs, Voc Rehab and much more. Download

Podcast Episode #9 - Podcast Episode #9 is an enlightening interview with Aaron Lacey, Education Partner with Thompson and Coburn. Howard and Aaron discuss the President’s Executive Order, the data driven world that we live in with the majority of time focused on the Borrower, Defense to Repayment – Learn from Aaron how this regulation IMPACTS EVERY INSTITUTION! Download

Podcast Episode #8 - This Podcast is an interview with special guest Betsy Mayotte who is the Founder of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors. Learn how she/you can help your students with loan repayment. Also, don’t forget to register for the May 2nd related NYSFAAA Webinar. Download

Podcast Episode #7 - This Podcast, with a panel of three experts, Aaron Lacey, Christopher Barto, Donna Gurnett and Susan Nesbitt Perez take a deep dive into what is happening in Washington DC and NYS Regulations and Pending Budgets and Laws.

Learn the latest on GE, Borrower Defense to Repayment, TIX, Current Neg Reg, Several NYS Initiatives, Both the Federal and State Budgets and all our Predications on the HEA Reauthorization.

Podcast Episode #6 - NYSFAAA goes to NASFAA Leadership Conference and the Congress with 100s of other FAAs. Learn about how to graduate to a Directors Level, Leadership Skills and MORE. Special Guest Marie Johnson EASFAA President Elect. Download

Podcast Episode #5 - This brief Podcast will introduce you to NYSFAAA's Strategic Plan for 2017-20. Your input and comments are wanted. THIS IS YOUR PLAN!! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!! Download

Podcast Episode #4 - This Podcast is a look into what happens at a NYSFAAA Executive Council Meeting and a summary of Monday February 11th's Meeting in Albany + Advocacy Day on 2/12 Download

Podcast Episode #3 - Learn about improving Customer Service with Communication Plans - Also Howard's Guests Top 3 concerns about FA Download

Podcast Episode #2 - An interview with Justin Draeger. Discussion includes the importance of Advocacy on both the State and Federal level. Also discussed is the importance of Leadership and an opportunity to visit the HILL Download

Podcast Episode #1 - Introduction to NYSFAAA Podcast and a brief summary of some of the 50th Anniversary Awards. The New Presidents Mantra Download


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