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49th Annual NYSFAAA Conference
October 10-12, 2017
Tarrytown, New York

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NOTE: To register for webinars, you MUST be a current member with an ending membership date of 11/15/2017. You can complete and pay for the membership application prior to registering by Clicking Here. Or, you will be taken to the membership application during the webinar registration process.

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Having Fun with Taxes, 2018-2019 Edition - AKA THE TAX DETECTIVE
Webinar - Tue, Sept 19, 2017
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

The 2017-2018 Application and Verification Guide states that “that financial aid administrators do not need to be tax experts” (page 113) but then cites ten pages of IRS Publication 17 as required reading for them.

Having Fun with Taxes, 2018-2019 edition will look at the tax issues the Department has identified, with a specific look at how they impact compliance with verification and conflicting information requirements.

This year’s training will cover, among other things:

· Who must file? Who doesn’t have to file?
· The updated nonfiler verification requirements
· Foreign and territory return requirements
· Amended tax returns
· Resolving conflicting information, especially Head of Household and nonfiler issues

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Assets in the Need Analysis: Getting it Right
Webinar - Thu, September 14, 2017
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Have you read the Application and Verification Guide's description of the value of a trust? Do you understand it? Do you know when a 529 plan should be reported on the FAFSA, and when it should be left off? What about the value of rental property that is worth less than its mortgage? In this session, participants will get a refresher on the asset reporting rules, with an emphasis on those that are most confusing to aid officers, and hints about how to identify and resolve conflicting information related to the asset side of the need analysis.


  • The Basics
  • Assets Specified in the FAFSA Instructions
  • Specific Asset Classes
  • Qualified Tuition Programs and Coverdell ESAs
  • UGMAs and UTMAs
  • Real Estate
  • Businesses
  • Trusts
  • Other Assets Mentioned in the FAFSA
  • Assets that are Excluded from the FAFSA
  • Expert Questions

Robert presented this topic at CASFAA and WASFAA where he received rave reviews.

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POLICY: Under certain circumstances, established by Council, the registration fee is refundable.
1. The refund policy must be stated on the registration form.
2. The policy is that normally refunds are granted if requested in writing and the request is received at least two weeks before the first day of the event.
3. Under extenuating circumstances, such as illness, the two-week deadline may be waived. Such refunds may be authorized either by the Committee Chair or by the Treasurer. They may request whatever documentation they deem appropriate on a document. It is important that these officials consult, however, so there is consistent treatment of members each year and so that one does not approve a member who might be rejected by another officer.
4. Other members of the Council are not authorized to approve refunds.
APPROVED: July 1993; April 1998

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